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Nov 14, 2008 07:37 PM

Dog-Friendly Dives?

I just got a new puppy, and I am eagerly awaiting my move back to Toronto next fall when I finish school. Does anyone know of any good casual hole-in-the-wall, breakfasty, meet-friends-for-coffee type places that will allow my pooch to stay by my side? Thanks

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Well, there are patios that allow dogs to sit close by on the other side of the fence. Two i've seen are the bar across from much music on the south west corner, if I recall its a Firkin.
      The second is on front street, near SLM. Its the place right on the NE corner of front and church.

    2. Unfortunately (or fortunately, I guess, depending on your point of view) animals other than guide dogs are not allowed in any food establishments according to the city's restaurant health regulations ( -- see #25 ). While I have noticed a few little cafes and similar that seem to occasionally turn a blind eye to regular customers with small dogs, I wouldn't point them out here as I imagine that they could lose their green status if they were "caught in the act", so to speak.

      Agree that your best bet is a patio with your dog on the other side of the fence; many places offer bowls of water for just this purpose. Not so much fun in the winter, though.

      BTW the restaurant with the patio near the SLM that pancake is referring to is probably the Hothouse Cafe; a block east on the northeast corner of Front and Jarvis there is also "The Corner Place" with a good patio.

      1. It's flat out illegal to bring a dog into a Toronto restaurant (service dogs excepted). The occasional resto will let a dog in - especially if it is very small, well behaved, and quiet - but it only takes one complaint to end that practice permanently.

        I will never reveal the names of the few places that have allowed our dog inside. It doesn't hurt to ask at a place where you are known, but a "yes" is extremely unlikely. This is also true of patios, though Red Rocket Coffee on Queen E has a "dog friendly patio" sign.

        1. There are probably more dogs per capita in the Beach area than anywhere in the country. There are about three bakeries devoted just to making dog biscuits. Restos and business are dog-friendly by default. Many provide water bowls . Dogs outside patio fences by their owners at most restaurants and cafes is a common sight. So check out Queen Street East in the Beach.

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          1. Thank you, yes its hothouse cafe....i'm so bad with names....

            why wouldn't you want to bring your dog out with you? :)

          2. Unfortunately, Toronto is so not dog friendly...many places won't even let us have our dog on the patio while we eat. Duff's Wings on Bayview didn't even let us tie our dog outside in the middle of the winter while we went in to order take out. One staff quickly came out to tell us that was their patio and dogs weren't allowed!! We never went back to that place again.

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              That's odd - I was there this summer on a warm day and we had our dog tied up to the outside of the patio fence. The waitress graciously brought out a dish of water for her, and refilled it when the water was gone.

              1. re: SNACKeR

                The patio fence must be the big dividing line for them, even in the winter. This happened to us a couple of winters ago. The patio (which is an extension of the sidewalk) was not in patio furniture in sight! We tied our dog on the inside of that fence when the guy came rushing out to tell us we couldn't do that.