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Nov 14, 2008 06:54 PM

Thanksgiving Dinner in Raleigh

Any suggestions on where to take visiting family? Prefer Raleigh-Cary, but will entertain suggestions in Durham and CH also!


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    I'm sure there are more restaurants serving on T-Day but I don't know which. I'm seriously thinking about driving out west a little and picking up a turkey and fixings ffrom Bojangles. Even with the drive it will be a lot cheaper than the standard buffets and I have a feeling it will be appreciated more.

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      Dickey's BBQ at Crossroads is selling fried turkeys this year. I don't know how they would compare to Bojangles, but they are closer.

      Last year we found that the Old Place, south of Siler City, is open on T-Day and serves up great traditional southern food. They actually had dressing last year that was made from their left over cornbread and biscuits, not that stuff that comes from Nebraska in a bag.

    2. Irregardless usually does Thanksgiving. Never been there for it, but I would expect Arthur Gordon would do it up right.

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        I would absolutely disagree with you there, but then I expect there are those who would disagree with me in turn. In short, unless you're already a big fan of the Irregardless, try somewhere else for T-day.

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          We did Irregardless last time my folks came for Thanksgiving and it was good, but would like to mix it up for this time if possible. Thanks for all the suggestions!

        2. If you're willing to drive about an hour west on Hwy 64, The Old Place offers the best Thanksgiving buffet you'll find anywhere. The turkey, fried chicken, country ham, cracklin cornbread, biscuits, and apple crisp are out of this world. Like having dinner on your grandma's family farm. $11.73/person, I think.

          1. I just got an email from Michael Deans about their Thanksgiving meal and it looks very good for $24.99 for adults. I bet all the Rocky Top properties are doing Thanksgiving. You could check them out. Bogarts, Red Room, Twisted

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      're right...however I love all the urbanfood group people, and I would recommend any of their properties as well. (although I don't know if they're doing Thanksgiving).
                The email I was referring to, by the way, was, yes from the RockyTop folks. Thank you for my correction.