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Nov 14, 2008 06:42 PM

Columbus / Milwaukee

A business trip to the midwest will leave me in Columbus for one night (with a colleague) and in Milwaukee for two nights (alone).

Where should I go for really fantastic dinners?

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  1. If money is no object, I'd have to recommend "M". It's right downtown and you'll get a heck of a meal.

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    1. re: PaulFerrara

      I was at the M opening, and I have to agree. It's a gorgeous restaurant and I never had a bad meal there. Looking at the menu, though, they've changed directions a bit. Gone a little steakhouse-ish.

      Is the food still multi-coourse portioned?

    2. For a high-end recommendation in Milwaukee, I recommend Sanford. It's in the trendy Third Ward near downtown and is superb, a world-class restaurant in every way.

      Note that the previous recommendation, for M, is in Columbus. Its website is

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        Just a minor correction on the location. Sanford's Coquette Cafe is in the Third Ward. Sanford's in on the northern edge of downtown proper, near Brady St., one of the old Italian immigrant areas, now almost as trendy as the Third Ward : )

        1. re: mike_d

          Thanks for the clarification! I was referring to the one near Brady Street, at 1547 N. Jackson Street.

      2. As a Milwaukee native I have a few suggestions, for lunch you'll definitely want to visit benji's delicatessen, its on Oakland ave just inside Shorewood (just north of the east side of MKE) across the street from the pick n' save. Great corned beef. As far as dinner, depends on what you are looking for. As for a steak house i would go with Coerper's 5 O'Clock Club, if you want something deep fried and a beer go for the palomino and if you are in the mood for something a bit more... thoughtful, try roots. oh and if you want some of the best frozen custard you will ever have go to leon's. and get me a doggy bag and sent it to MPLS.

        1. Where will you be staying in Columbus? It's a large city geographically speaking. If I can assume you will be downtown, I would suggest restaurants in the German Village area (Lindey's, Barcelona), the Short North/Arena district (Latitude 41, Rosendale's, Flatiron, L'Antibes, Deepwood) or Museum district (BOMA). In the Brewery district, Handke's is good but they just changed hands, haven't been under new management. In suburbs, Worthington Inn, The Refectory are also very good. These all have web sites with menus online.

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          1. re: Diane in Bexley

            Handke's is definitely downhill since the switch....

            The amazing chef of M now works at BoMA and I've heard the food at M is no longer as great.

            The fantastic ex-chef of BoMA now owns Luce, an Italian Osteria that has gotten good press.

            Deepwood is vastly overrated, but Rosendale's continues to impress....Chef Rosendale finished #2 overall in the US Bocuse D'Or competition - losing out to the current chef du cuisine at French Laundry.

            The Refectory is the best meal I've had in Columbus, but I wouldn't put them too far ahead of Worthington Inn.

            Kihachi is also another gem that is unlike anyplace I've been before.