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Nov 14, 2008 06:15 PM

Bailey's in Blauvelt

I know Bailey's has spoken on this board in a fairly good light and have enjoyed their food as well. While some said it was slipping and I would agree to some extent I still thought it was a good value and unique in that there are no good rib places in Rockland County.

While we normally dine in there, we do call in take out from time to time and when I called them today, they "warned" me that they raised the prices and people were complaining. I thought that was odd, I mean, how much could they raise things a dollar or two? I was told that the typical platter that order (which was normally $47) was raised to $60! The hostess was apologizing when she said the price and of course I hung up.

For Rocklanders who frequent this place, we should not go there, it is ridicilous. While the restaurant has been very popular and full, this is price gauging and complete stupidity from the BBQ master, Fink. Now I can see why his last 2 places closed.....

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  1. As a rule, I never question anyone's tastes or preferences. I realize we all like different things and my tastes are not better than anyone else's for sure. The popularity of Bailey's always made me wonder if these people had actually ever had good BBQ before....

    With that said, I have dissented on the quality and value of Fink's BBQ in the past and have been lambasted on this site. My complaint was he served food that seemed like it was old and dry...a recipe for disaster for any restaurant. In the past year I have heard many similar comments or that the place is slipping. Couple these facts and the price increase in place and maybe Fink will be out of another job.

    BTW....Fink is no BBQ Master in my opinion.

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      I agree, I had the food a few weeks ago. they just drown it in sauce. this place is known for there pizza, i never understood that. its like eating matzoh with sauce and cheese.

      1. re: tastyrockland

        I've never heard anyone go there for their pizza. They have a tasteless sauce and a tasteless crust. But I do like their chicken wings a lot, their chili is pretty good too. I even crave their screaming chicken sauce every once in awhile. For Rockland, it's a decent place, far better then the diners in South Orangetown. Maybe they don't have the best bbq, but it's the best near my home and that's fine enough for me. As far as the increase in price, we were their the other night and found that to be very annoying too. A dollar here and there is fine, but some items went up by 4.00, and the 1/2 chicken shrunk in portion size. It's just a bit bigger then a cornish hen.

        1. re: michele cindy

          The Bar-B-Cuban may be the finest sandwich ever created. Long live Fink!

          1. re: frysk

            ...the Bar-B-Reuben was prettty darn good too!

            I haven't been in a few months but am now very motivated to see if the quality of the barbecue has slipped.

    2. The original comment has been removed