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Nov 14, 2008 05:04 PM

Sides with smoked turkey

Gosh, I haven't had to think about a Thanksgiving menu in over 15 years as my family has insisted I make the exact same thing every year(hilarious since they aren't normally creatures of habit but they really love the recipes I've been using all the years apparently)...but we bought a Big Green Egg this past spring and that was enough to pull my up-til-now resistant to change family out of the doldrums and they have requested that we make the turkey on the Egg this year. that I have green light to finally change up the menu, I'm at a loss! For those that serve a smoked turkey, what do you like to serve with it...just about anything goes as long as my Dad gets his mashed potatoes and my Mom gets her sweet potatoes.

I need to take advantage of this before they realize what they've said! LOL

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  1. I've used the smoker before to cook a turkey. I originally paired the turkey with traditional side dishes such as green bean casserole, and bread stuffing. But it seemed something was missing. I'd suggest some Southwest dishes such as corn sauteed with green chiles,or a Southwest corn pudding. For the stuffing, how about homemade chorizo added to cornbread, laced with cilantro and chipotle peppers. Or, how about roasted winter vegetables with jalapenos.

    Also, I LOVE gravy. But you cant make a smokey turkey gravy since its a bit too un-traditional. . Instead, I roast some turkey legs and neck bones if available, then use it as a base for the gravy. Of course, you want to make homemade turkey stock. I will admit, traditional dishes will work ok, but for me a Southwest flavor to a smoked turkey is delicious.

    1. On a related note, what wood are you using to smoke? I've used maple and tossed in some dry corn cobs.

      1. Braised red cabbage goes very well with smoked turkey (and regular turkey, for that matter). I make mine with onions, chopped apples, cider, cider vinegar, cinnamon stick and cloves--the acid cuts through the richness of smoked meet and rich Thanksgiving sides.

        1. Great suggestions, thank. We live in AZ so the Southwest options are a natural fit as long as I keep the spice level down for my cranky dad who doesn't like chiles much. He loves cabbage though, that braised cabbage dish sounds yummy. maybe instead of cranberry relish this year. hmmmm...

          my3cflivi - we were planning to use some apple wood. WE've found that's been our favorite wood to use but haven't tried maple. I'll have to mention that to my husband...maybe we'll do a chicken this week with some to see how we like it.


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            my smoker had been located in a pear grove so the wood of course was from the trees and the pears I would simmer in a strong ginger simple syrup(sometimes adding cider vinegar),that was served on the side.A fall veg would do brussel sprouts,cabbage or a fresh kraut would work for me .