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Nov 14, 2008 04:54 PM

Indonesian Food Bazaar - San Jose - This Sunday 11/16

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Did anyone go ? Any reports ?

      Here are my findings:

      -Empek-empek (type of fish cake) is one of the best I found. The owner is Mei-Mei. Nice texture (best when refried) and fish flavor. The eggs inside is nicely integrated and wet inserted accroding to the owner.

      -Was disappointed with Arthur. All too sweet instead of the usual flavorful even the rendangs were disappointing. The value was great with 4 items for $8 with rice. The kue pe-pe was the best as usual (multi color gelatinous cake) - just awesome.

      -Kroket and sausage brut was very disappointing. Bought it from a nice lady in the corner who gave away cupcakes to little kids.

      -My friend Ben has his noodles and beefball stall. He makes his own noodle with unique toothsome texture for those who like them. For the beefball, I prefer the beefier taste of Tung Kee balls.

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      1. re: Han

        So sorry to miss it this year, Han.

        Were these all home cooks? Or were there any commercial food vendors with stores or restaurants where we could try to find this food again?

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          None from the restaurants. All were home cooks or semi pro. Budiman food supplies the big Marvel company out in Mountain View with his tempeh and beefballs.

          Arthur is either a semi pro or full time. not sure.

          I know there are three great vendors there at least.

          Indah is famous for her Padang food. She is probably the top cooks for that category. She was the first stall. Her food exemplies the best of Padang food. Great rendang and other dishes especially the soft "kikil" curry.

          The empek-empek stall that I mentioned

          A newcomer that sells lots of dessert or appetizers. Mrs Lanny is a skilled cook and her prices are very reasonable. Her cakes have graced many of our parties. Made perfectly. Her stall also featured lumpia Semarang that is outstanding and taste authentic.

          There are many bombs for sure so one has to know which stalls made what. Having an experienced diner such as myself would be very valuable I think. There is alwasy a next time. They have those several times a year. Most of the time the same vendors will be there.

          If I am not busy and other hounds wants to join in, I am always open to the idea since our whole family loves going to these places. We can have a big feast at one of these Indonesian festivals !

          1. re: Han

            With a little more notice next time, I'm there! I enjoyed the one bazaar that I managed to make. Do you know if there will be one in SF any time soon?

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              Anyone planning on going to the Indonesian Dutch Summer Bazaar in San Jose this Sunday, June 7? It's at Napredak Garden (Behind Napredak Hall Building), 770 Montague Expy, SJ.

              From the Y! Funtips group:
              Indonesian Dutch Summer Bazaar on Sunday, June 7, 2009 at
              Napredak Garden (Behind Napredak Hall Building)
              770 Montaque Expressway, San Jose, CA.
              Open to Public from 10 AM to 3 PM.
              Entrance donation: $3/adult. Children are free.

              Lots of food vendors so you can fill up on Indonesian satay and rice plates like nasi kuning and otherr foods.
              Also some vendors selling other things like purses and t-shirts and last year, plants for the garden (like kaffir lime trees)

              1. re: smlee

                When is the next Indonesian bazaar at Napredak? anyone know? also, Do you know how to open or sign up for booth?