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Nov 14, 2008 04:08 PM

Cool and cheap place for Thanksgiving dinner?

We're looking for a cool, casual and inexpensive place in the Hollywood, WeHo, Silver Lake area for great Thanksgiving dinner. A traditional menu would be great but we're open. My partner's 21 year old son and his girlfriend are coming to visit for the Holiday so something they'd enjoy would be great. Please help as I have no clue where to go! Thanks!

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  1. Perhaps not cheap, but this link should help jumpstart your search. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. barney's beanery? i know i've spent a thanksgiving there before. . . and they always have turkey and mashed on the menu. maybe cat & the fiddle - english pub (so shouldn't celebrate thanksgiving). i'm just not sure what will be open. i did see in this week's circular that vons had a whole thanksgiving meal for like $38 that feeds 6-8. so if you're open to staying in or having a picnic somewhere -- that is super cheap! i know ralphs and other stores are having the thanksgiving meal special too - but $38 was the chpeapest i saw. good luck and happy thanksgiving!!

      1. Not the coolest, but cheap and casual is Mimi's Cafe in Los Feliz.

        1. Just had a very relaxing lunch at the Cat n Fiddle on Sunset in the Courtyard and they are doing a classic Thanksiving dinner for 19.95 - looks tasty. Reservations recommended.

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            This may be too old school but not a dozen miles east, I've been thinking of trying the Brookside at the Rosebowl one of these days (years) for their Thanksgiving buffet. I enjoy their restaurant for breakfast and lunch both, and the service is always great, everyone seems to be happy working in that beautiful "parklike" environment right there on the golf courses. And since they do a lot of group events, they are pretty good with a crowd . . .

          2. Marmalade Cafe does a REALLLLLLY good thanksgiving dinner. 3 courses for $29.95. There is a location at the Farmers Market. Traditional menu and really good value.

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              Tried Marmalade one year for Thanksgiving and it was plain awful.

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                You're a year late with that! Hope twoguys didn't follow the earlier suggestion and eat there!