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Nov 14, 2008 02:41 PM

Eli's in Branford, Ct. any reports?

The new Eli's is apparently open in Branford on the hill. Driving by recently in early afternoon, the parking lot (and it's a big one) was full. Anyone have any reports of how it is. With the cars in the lot, it looks like it has sucked the business from every restaurant for a 10 mile radius. I presume it's menu will mirror the original Eli's (On Whitney in Hamden).

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  1. I happened to drive by around 1:00AM last Friday and it was busy.

    1. Have been there for 1 meal so far. Excellent food. My date & I enjoyed it. They're definitely doing a good business so far.

      1. We ate there last week and the service was friendly and the food was good American fare.

        1. Expecting very standard American food, pleasantly surprised by the menu choices, late night menu, and friendly service. Just had a bite to eat in the bar because the game was on and it was late. Was happier with the fries (perfect!) than the sliders (dry...need fattier beef?) and really pleased with a cranberry/gorgonzola/walnut salad which we wisely topped with med rare sliced beef. No true craft beers on tap, but some ok choices there too. Glad to have another place serving decent food, in a nice atmosphere, a bit late-ish on the shoreline.

          1. I went for happy hour a week ago - no buffet, no food specials. Place was packed though. I usually go to Lakeview Tavern down the street, they have free wings and other goodies daily for happy hour and Monday night football. I also go to Donavan's Reef for MNF, they have a free buffet as well. The Eli's in Hamden used to have a MNF buffet, not sure if they still do.

            The Eli's bartender said they may add a buffet in the future. If I'm going to drop 30 bucks on drinks I wouldn't mind a few free wings.