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Nov 14, 2008 02:21 PM

Soy burrito A.B.*

*After Burritoville, where can I find an item even partially similar to their Mega-Soy Burrito (tempeh, tofu 'crema,' tofu 'cheese,' rice, beans, guac)

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  1. You have a few options:

    Blockheads (multiple locations in Manhattan)
    Benny's Burritos (Avenue A & East 6th)
    Papacitos (Manhattan Ave & Huron in Brooklyn)

    1. Also, the new Neighburrito, which I haven't tried yet, but the menu looks promising:

      1. wow so . . . the whole burritoville chain is gone? I thought so but wasn't sure!

        1. You can also add:

          De Mole (Queens)
          Taco Chulo (Brooklyn)
          Burrito Box (Manhattan)

          1. One downtown location appears to have reopened ...

            36 Water St, New York, NY 10004