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Nov 14, 2008 02:18 PM

double date in cambridge?

hi all! my bf and i are setting up two of our friends and next friday we are all going on a double date. i want to go someplace with good food, a fun environment, and not too expensive in cambridge (i.e. entrees between $18-$25). i've been in boston for a couple of years but just recently moved to cambridge so i'm less familiar with fun cambridge options and i'm just not really sure where to go. if no good options in cambridge, then might fall back on a place in the south end (i.e. rocca, gaslight or something along those lines). also, one last thing - bf is not a super adventurous eater so would need some kinda of steak or burger on the menu too. thanks so much!!!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Agree re Green Street We were there last night and I had the braised pork shoulder on marscapone polenta and thought God had touched me ..DH had scallops and they were terrific and there is a burger on the menu...also Rendezvous might be a good choice re vibe and food . No burger but steak frite

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        Hungry Mother or Gran Gusto would be my choices in Cambridge, with Green Street and Chez Henri runners-up. Hungry Mother is southern, so you can always get comfort food, Gran Gusto ranges from great pizza to very good italian upscale, green street is very good pub food, and chez henri is great for cuban sandwiches and food with a french/cuban twist.

      2. Casablanca - The bar area is fun, food is great, prices moderate.

        1. thanks for all the suggestions! due to my bf's work constraints, we ended up going downtown and eating at kingston station. i've eaten there a few times before and have always had a good experience so i was happy to end up there - good, efficient service, nice vibe and i enjoy their food. our group of four got the steak frites, burger, salmon and scallops and everyone really enjoyed their meal, as well as the cocktails and bottle of wine (a pinot noir, forgetting the name). anyway, i'll keep these cambridge suggestions for next time! also, just to complete the post, the set up was a complete success :-)

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            Where is Kingston Station located? Thanks

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              it's on 25 kingston street downtown, right near south station (maybe a 5 min walk at most) so easy to get to!

          2. Cuchi Cuchi on Main St. You'll have a memorable experience. pushes the $ envelope but you can control it somewhat with what you select. it's a tapas joint.