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Nov 14, 2008 02:16 PM

Turkey in Tulsa

Anyone know where to get an heirloom or at least an all-natural organic turkey in Tulsa?

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  1. I've ordered my heirloom turkey from Paul James' specialty meat store in the Center One Market in Brookside. Their source is a turkey farm outside Stillwater.

    1. Stonehorse in Utica Square -- the store attached to the restaurant -- but you should order in advance. If it's half as good as their usual chicken, it should be memorable.

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      1. re: Brian S

        I passed by Stonehorse this afternoon and got a list of things available at the Market for Thanksgiving. They reminded me that you must order in advance, otherwise they might run out before you get there.

        Turkey, prime rib of beef, leg of lamb, pork rib roast, all oven-ready

        Side dishes such as stuffing, scalloped potatoes, cauliflower au gratin, sweet potato casserole, brussels sprouts with pancetta, green beans with shiitake mushrooms, and many more.

        Desserts such as apple crisp, fruit cobbler, and of course deep dish pumpkin pie.

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          Hi Brian,

          Where does Tim get his turkeys from?

          For the record, Center One Market will also provide side dishes and desserts from local bakers if you like.

      2. A recent article in the Tulsa World mentioned these locations for organic turkey:
        Wild Oats, 1401 E. 41st St., has both fresh free-range and organic turkeys to pick from. Order your turkey now, and it will be ready to pick up a couple of days before Thanksgiving. Call 712-7555.
        Natural Farms, which specializes in fresh, organic meat all year long, makes no exception for Thanksgiving. You can pick up your freerange, fresh turkeys at either the location at 420 S. Utica Ave. or at 6560 E. 91st St. Call 583-5354 to place your order.
        Center 1 Market, 3524 S. Peoria Ave., is taking orders on fresh turkeys. The market will have both organic turkeys and free-range birds from a farm in western Oklahoma.

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        1. re: Firegoat

          Minor correction to the Tulsa World article: the Wild Oats is now Whole Foods.

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            I roasted one of the organic Hen House turkeys from Distel that I got at Whole Foods this year. It turned out most excellent, I was afraid it would be too dry but that wasn't the case. It was small so if your cooking for a large crowd you might have to get two of them.

        2. Hello, Downing Family Farm in Oklahoma offers pastured poultry, including free range turkeys and chickens. They are not the industiral "organic" CAFO operation but an actual family farm. They also offer Black Angus beef and Pork. They do not offer shipping as they only service thier 'foodshed"

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            I found their website and evidently their products are sold in Akin's market in Tulsa.

            The Stonehorse market sells meat from farms like this.