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Nov 14, 2008 01:46 PM

French Onion Soup

Where can one get good french onion soup in Toronto?

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  1. I had an incredible soupe a l'oignon gratinee at Bite Me! (formerly Thuet) on King West a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, the rest of the meal was mediocre.

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    1. re: Tatai

      Tatai, can you describe what the soup is like at Bite Me!..I'm going soon and I tend to like more soup and less bread in my soup..

      1. re: burlgurl

        burlgurl, I'm not a fan of onion soups in which there's an over-abundance of bread that ends up soaking up all the broth, either. Thuet's soup is quite substantial, made with a broth that is so rich (beef? veal?) and dark and thick that it's almost gravy-like -- but in a good way! There's also some type of wine -- Port, perhaps -- flavouring the stock. The bread is where it should be -- floating up at the top, attached to the cheese, if my memory serves me correctly, and not soggy and gross, but with a proper bite to it. And, although there's quite enough cheese, it's not spread over the whole top of the bowl like a crust as one usually sees it here.

        1. re: Tatai

          I thought the french onion at Thuet was the best I'd ever had in this city and it sounds like it's a direct carry over to Bite Me! which is great news.

    2. Le Select Bistro would be first choice. I also like Papillon and Bloor St DIner, although many would disagree.

      1. Jacques on Cumberland; Bibiche on Danforth.

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          I second Jacuqes on Cumberland. They are famous for it. Tons of rich cheese. Wonderful brown broth. There is actually a vegetarian french onion at Annapurna on Bathurst that is a great healthier option. You would never know it's a mushroom not beef stock.

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