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Nov 14, 2008 01:17 PM

Dinner Gathering this saturday: Need recommendation please!

I'm meeting up with a small group (about 5-6 people) for dinner this Saturday and I'm supposed to choose the place.
Price: About 20 per person
Location: Silverlake to West Hollywood
Food: Nothing too out of the ordinary, no sushi, Indian or Middle Eastern.

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  1. If $20 is the cost for an entree, you could probably get in and eat at Taix, the old-time French favorite on Sunset. If $20 is to cover the meal, you could all share the southern Thai dishes at Jitlada, on Sunset (I think, could be Hollywood) in Thaitown.

    1. please clarify:
      is the $20/pp including tax, beverages, and tip? or is it $20 for food only? or is it a $20 entree?

      1. With that price point as a goal, I am going to suggest Park in Echo Park. BYOB, no corkage. Great food, nice neighborhood ambience.

        1. SORRY! it got changed to LUNCH about 25 for entrees (not including tax + tip) Thanks!