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Nov 14, 2008 12:51 PM

Stalking Ho Fun in Queens

I hope that title doesn't get me pitched from here; I'm only looking for noodles! I have two gorgeous bunches of Chinese broccoli (Gail Lan, Guy Lon, Kai Lan, what have you) from my CSA, a terrific Pad See Ew recipe (

Two trips today (11am and 4pm) to Pacific Supermarket on 75th and Broadway (my usual Ho Fun purveyor) yielded nothing.

"Later," I was told the first time.

"We're all out," the second.

Where else can I find my wide, flat, rice noodles? I'm hungry!

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  1. Ho Fun, the fresh flat rice noodles, can be purchased at any of the Chinatown grocery stores in NYC. In fact, you were already at the northern edge of the Elmhurst Chinatown and only had to go south on Broadway eight more blocks to around 45th Avenue, where you would have been in the heart of the Elmhurst Chinatown.

    At Broadway and 45th Avenue, there is a large Chinese grocery in a mini-mall with parking, where the Thai restaurant Nusara is located. Around the corner on 45th Avenue is the Hong Kong Supermarket, which should also have the fresh Ho Fun.

    There is also the possibility that as you walked south on Broadway from 75th Street, you might have encountered one of the many smaller Chinese grocers on Broadway who might carry the Ho Fun also.

    In the post “Thai Groceries In Outer Queens ( that has a posting today, there is also more information on Thai ingredients.

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      Thanks, lwong! I live west of there, so I guess I walked the wrong way. None of the smaller shops seem to have Ho Fun in obvious places. Next time I will ask.