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Nov 14, 2008 12:48 PM

Kosher near North Hollywood, CA

We are taking a trip to visit my sister in North Hollywood next week and she does not keep Kosher. Any recommendations on where to shop for kosher meat & challah and where to eat out motzei Shabbat without having to drive all the way to Beverly Hills? How is Temptation Prime Bar & Grill in Encino? Is there a better place for a steak dinner on that side of town? Bocca? We live in Colorado and don't usually get to eat out at nice Kosher restaurants.

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  1. BS"D

    There's plenty right here in North Hollywood/Valley Village- no need to go elsewhere. For kosher meat, there's Le Market, Valley Glatt and Glatt Elat Market, where Cambridge Farms used to be (the sign still reads Cambridge Farms). You can buy challah in any of those places, or at one of 4 bakeries: Continental Bakery, Sam's Bakery, Cafe Eilat/Eilat Bakery, or Bonjour. There's plenty of food here too, though I don't know who is open motzaei Shabbos and who isn't. I know that currently, we are not, although we may be by the time you come, but Mashu Mashu (The new Chinese restaurant), Le Sushi and Cafe Eilat (Mlchig) are all open, as well as all of the pizza places. I know you don't need to go all the way to Encino, or for that matter, Beverly Hills, for great steak- there are wonderful steaks available in Valley Village- Angus USDA Choice. But maybe for variety. There are no steak houses per se in North Hollywood/Valley Village, and none with wine and beer licenses, but you can probably bring your own mevushal wine anywhere.

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    1. re: ganeden

      Well, it's pretty well known that restaurant quality is a matter of taste. What one person will find "weird", actually is quaint and charming to another. Smoking is actually one of the best restaurants in LA period, and that includes kosher and non-kosher. If you find the paper plates a problem, you will miss out of their ribs (to die for). Enjoy your stay in LA,!

    2. guess this is the time to post bout my experience at the new place Smokin.
      had a steak and it was juicy and good. no question.
      everything else, was, well, weird.
      served on paper plates, paper cups etc. owners nice people, but real cheap, looks like they measured the two slices of baguette with a ruler , exactly quarter inch slice, and the same with the corn bread which tasted like an old corn muffin.
      asked to sample their signature meat, the brisket, it was dry and peppery, im not much of a brisket guy, but i thought of juicy brisket with some gravy mashed potatoes...alas no gravy no mashed potatoes.
      its just another temporary meat place. they wont stay long, a pity, nice people.

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      1. re: Cholent Fresser

        Thanks, Cholent Fresser. Feedback is always welcome, good or bad. In any case, I'm glad you think me to be a nice person. Obviously, you don't know me (grin).

      2. BS"D

        It's Saturday night. I just closed my restaurant, as did everyone on the block. Before I did, though, I walked the 20 or so feet to Mashu Mashu to get some hot and sour soup. This is the second tasting of it. Well, it's gotten much better than the first time, and the first time was creditable, even if not excellent. This is easily the best hot and sour soup I've had in a kosher restaurant. I judge a Chinese restaurant by its hot and sour soup and its kung pao chicken (except, of course, if it specializes in a regional cuisine, and I don't think there are any specialty kosher Chinese restaurants, but in my nonkosher days of 25 years ago, there were such restaurants, not kosher).

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        1. re: ganeden

          I gotta say, I was utterly disgusted with Mashu Mashu.
          The level of disregard to quality of food and service was shocking. Even for a kosher place in the Valley.
          I don't see them surviving the year. Unfortunately.
          Still waiting for someone, anyone, to open a decent Kosher Chinese restaurant this side of the hill.

          1. re: Bezgo


            Brezgo, I was reporting specifically on their hot and sour soup one particular time. I t happens that I tasted it at another time as well, and it wasn't close, though still better than the first time. I might suggest to you that they are a new establishment in the midst of growing pains, and consistency is not one of their strong points at this time. However, they seem to be clean (a definite plus, in my book), and I believe that they are trying to the best of their ability.

            1. re: ganeden

              Kudos to you, ganeden, for judging a fellow restaurateur le’kaf zchut.
              Unfortunately, I do not share your optimism in this case.

              From where I stand it seems that the owners of Mashu Mashu aren't really trying their best at all. Or maybe they're trying their best to achieve some goal other than what I think it should be, which is to provide service of true quality and or value, preferably both.
              I can go into detail, but I'll save it - what I will say is, it seems that Mashu Mashu was thrown together in a pinch by people who didn't really know or care how to run a GOOD restaurant.
              As a kosher consumer, I'm tired of being served over-priced, low-quality food by people who seem to want to get away with doing the bare minimum.

              End rant.
              For now.

              1. re: Bezgo

                wow! i am really surprised by your comments about Mashu Mashu. of course service is not perfect yet. the place has been open only for a couple of month. but the food is great. they have some items on the menu that i have never even heard of and if you r a vegetarian then it’s like a dream come true. so many options. Japanese, Korean, Tai, Chinese. It’s all there. i loved it and the H&S soup was amazing. the great thing about the place is you can talk to the owners and give them your suggestions and they listen. i remember the first time i went i only had one complaint. it was the size of their portions. but now i could not even finish my plate. i can’t even stop talking about it and if you have time for lunch then you won’t find a better deal out there for a lunch menu. I think it’s the only place that the cooks are actually Chinese and the owner is Japanese and if I heard correctly they also own Sushiko in the city on Pico. So they do have experience.
                Well anyway lighten up people. With your attitude and support we will only have La Pizza in the valley. We should support our local restaurants, not bash them for every little thing. I recommend you try it again and if you have any issues talk to the owners.

        2. exciting news, for those of you who did not give Mashu Mashu a second chance, great news for you. there is a new owner, manager, chef and the entire stuff has been changes, there is a new great menu, some health dishes and wow a waitress. and prices are cheaper and bigger portions. lets support them. go try it