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Nov 14, 2008 11:29 AM

where to buy a butane portable in NH?

or on line?

anyone have any experience with one brand over another? Searching for a Stainless steel butane 10,000 btu


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  1. I have pitched mine because the fuel is so pricey and indoor use is frowned upon by the fire authorities.

    Perhaps you need to fill us in on your plans of use, such as indoor or outdoor use, and if you checked into local codes if used indoors.

    I went with an outdoor multi-ring burner that I can attach my LP grill tank to. Commercial electric glass hotplate for indoor use.

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    1. re: RShea78

      oh, good thought - yes, outdoors ONLY! I am actually on my third one, the other ones have rusted out. Of course, using them cooking lobster and having the salt water spill over doesn't help :)

      1. re: defboater

        Check the site below out.

        Your choices seem to be between Model 90-6111 or my favorite Model 63-5100. BTW- You will need either 63-5114 or 63-5116 (LP/Regulator Kit) if you plan on using your gas grill tank. When in doubt, call them.

    2. Just to clarify - are you really looking for a butane stove? The only butane stoves I'm familiar with are little anemic units for doing tableside cooking such as Bananas Foster, and 10,000 BTU really isn't much heat output. It sounds more like what you want is one of the LP (propane) outdoor cookers that people use for frying turkeys, among other things. The heat output of those units is usually several times 10,000 BTU. If that's what you want, then RShea78 has provided one source. They're typically available also at outdoor stores such as Cabelas or Bass Pro Shops. If you're in southeast NH Kittery Trading Post may have them as well.

      1. thanks much for the advice - yes, I'm looking for the 10,000 btu single burner portable butane. This is actually for picnics on our boat for just 2 people; we do not use an LP hookup - just the can of butane. Thanks much for that link !

        1. You might consider an Iwatani butane stove. This type stove is very common for tabletop cooking in Japan, for example, is safe to use indoors, and is inexpensive. In the SF Bay area, you can find the stoves for as little as $25-26 at local Asian supermarkets. I don't recall that many Asian markets in NH but perhaps you can seek one out on your next trip to Boston or find a good source and price online (there are many onine vendors so try google. also - you will probably see prices much higher online - perhaps $45-50).

          Butane canisters cost less than $1.5-2 hereabouts (more online) and last for a couple of hours or more at moderate flame levels. The ZA-3 model puts out 10K BTU, the 35-FW will generate 15K BTU. Turn the dial and auto-ignition fires it right up. The cooking surface is large and stable. The stove is ideal for picnics. Try for more information.

          I have the ZA-3 and use it frequently. It is reliable, efficient, and very well made. Both units have a patented safety valve (see the website for info). I found the 10K output provided plenty of heat for cooking. I suspect the 15K unit is a real blowtorch.

          I've seen a couple of other brands (one foreign for about the same price, one domestic for much more) but don't believe they are made to this quality level.