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Nov 14, 2008 11:23 AM

Market Bar - Cubano Sandwich?

I recently noticed that the Market Bar at the Ferry Building has a "Cuban Style Pressed Pork Sandwich" which contains "pork / ham / mortadella / swiss / pickle". Granted, it's a $15 sandwich, but I'm pretty sure they use high-quality ingredients, so if this is a good sandwich it could very well be worth the splurge. Just wondering if anyone here has tried this? If not this, I'd like to hear what's the general hound opinion of this place.

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  1. In the context of all the yammering about the Ferry Building, the deafening silence about Market Bar ought to give you a clue. The consensus would probably be that it's a waste of good space. You can get a decent Cubano across the street at Bireley's for half the price, IMHO, and I, for one, wouldn't spent $15 to find out how good the one at Market Bart is.

    1. $15 seems a bit high. I can't find a price for the Cubano from the Magical Mystery Cubano Truck ,which purportedly has a good sandwich, but imagine it is significantly less.