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Hey! Just wanted to see if anyone has been to or heard of some of the more recent (this fall) restaurant openings in Montreal... besides the more obvious ones like Salle a Manger, La Montee and Barrocco... Has anyone tried Laurent Godbout's new place on St-Denis called La Fabrique by any chance?

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  1. I have tried La Fabrique, and liked it very much. They serve some items in interesting ways. ie the soup is served in a pitcher, so one can share, or bring the rest back home. similarely, the waiter told us that during brunch, they serve a platter of viennoiseries called "viennoiseries pour deux jours" (or, "pour le lendemain", i can't recall...), and one is encouraged to bring any uneaten morsel home. I like this concept.
    There were many items on the menu that sounded appealing, especially in the meats. I tried the tuna and tomato soup, served with crème fraiche. Delicious! Really creamy and tomato-ey, but with the distinctive tuna taste. I also tried onglet de boeuf, appetizer portion. Very good as well, and quite tender.
    on a side note, the decor is very nice and homey. the kitchen is in the middle of the dining room. very trendy-bistro-of-the-moment style.

    but for the rest, please check out this quite extensive board: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/476334