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Nov 14, 2008 10:56 AM

road trip from rockland, ME to NY via NH & VT

hey everyone i am hoping to drive from rockland to white plains, NY next week via a very roundabout way through the western mtns and over into NH & VT before descending south. i have never travelled any of these states before and will be alone, so please keep this in mind. also, since i am on a very tight budget, i will not have much $$ to spend but i love good food & drink, esp. good beer and local food (i'm thinking homecooking type food since it's gonna get cold next week!). i plan on staying at a hostel in east andover, maine my 1st night, but after that i am clueless and figure i should probably spend no more than 3 nights max on the road (i feel like there are no good budget places to stay in new england, and hostels are few and far between in these parts). i also love funky & off the beaten path types of places, so if you know of any good ones, please recommend...thanks so much for your help!

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  1. Hi Unocal,
    Try to stay on some of the more major roads, especially across NH like route 9 from Keene. I like the royal diner for home cooking, just before Hog Back Mountain in NH. I also like the deli in Brattleboro but it is more pricey. When you get into Vermont, try Blue Benn Diner in Bennington for their cranberry and pecan pancakes. Potter's Tavern on route 7 in NY will also have some good reasonable food. good luck

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      If you cut across Maine from Portland and then connect with Rt 93 south, you can get off at exit 17 in Boscawen for the Smoke Shack on Rt 3/4. Check their winter hours. I\m partial to their barbecued brisket and love their sides. Mac and cheese is yummy. Or, after you get off at exit 17, turn right off the ramp, cross the river then left at the blinking light to downtown Penacook. When you get to the end of that street (you'll see a bank directly in front of you) Chief's is on your right. They have a lot of pizza (great), reasonably priced salads, and some Greek items. The owners are Greek. Get back on Rt 93S. Get off at exit 12S and continue south on Rt 3A. This avoids the toll booth plus takes you past Merrivalle ice cream. They make their own. I like frozen pudding. Indian pudding ice cream should be on the menu now. They'll be closing around Thanksgiving. Keep going. It will rejoin Rt 93 (actually it's Rt 293). Then you can head to Keene and the above suggestions.

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        Great directions and what a nice drive......Hope unocal appreciates your directions!!

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          thanks for the replies jspear and dfrostnh! those places sound great, but i am actually taking rte. 17 west to eventually get to andover, maine, but i guess i can link up w/ 93s and follow those directions from there? as i've said ive never driven in NH before so i have no clue...i guess i better get a map! btw, indian pudding ice cream sounds awesome!

      2. In Rockland, Maine: Brass Compass for breakfast or lunch, or Moody's Diner, about 20 minutes south in Waldoboro.
        In Bethel (near Andover) Crossroads Diner, 5:30 8 p.m. dail; Barbecue Bob's at the Good Food Store; Sud's Pub, downstairs in the Sudbury Inn--if you're there on a Thursday, go for hoot night, running for more than 20 years.

        Crossroads Diner
        Bethel Maine, Bethel, Maine

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