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Cover 2,3? whatever

There used to be a Mexican restuarant on Anderson Lane in the Village Shopping center. I notice that the building is being remodeled with a name like Cover 2 or something similar. Just read in a community newspaper that it is going to be a 10K sq. ft. sports bar with two floors, down will serve steaks to sandwiches and upper will be, apparently, huge TV screens for sports fans. Just passing it along. J.

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  1. Yep, I think it actually may have opened this week or last night? We drove by and it was packed!

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        Yes, it's the old Flores location. And called "Cover 3."

      2. I have not been there, but here is the website: http://www.cover-3.com/

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          Well, that's quite the pricy menu for a sports bar/restaurant. $15 for roasted chicken or beef enchiladas? Maybe they are really, really good.

          My cynical side wonders if the timing of the opening of this place is purely coincidental to the recents posts here asking about sports bars in NW Austin...

        2. the menu looks aggressive for a sports bar. I'm personally excited about it being so close to my house, but i'm not sure its the right strategy for success. It would be nice though, to have something on par with the quality of Houston's in the hood though.

          I had heard that the folks behind Eddie V's are involved in this restaurant. That makes me VERY hopeful.

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            Dropped by this afternoon to check them out. Didn't have time to order anything, but looked over the menu. It was pricey, but I might be tempted to try the $15 Ahi tuna burger sometime. Even though it was 15 minutes before they started serving they welcomed me to the bar and even gave me a beer gratis "for my first visit."

            Had a wine list and several different wines by the glass. Lots of cherry stained wood and dark leather seating. Definitely more than you're normal sports bar.

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              While I've also been waiting for another sports bar to open in the area, I can't see this one lasting very long. The concept seems more suited for downtown, especially with the prices they are wanting to charge for a "sports" bar.

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              1. What exactly is an aggressive menu?
              2. Houston's is like 2 blocks away.

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                1) A sports bar with a menu with prices over 15 bucks a plate in Not in the Domain
                2) yes. I know. that is why I was excited about it being in the hood too as an alternative to Houston's. Which I like just fine.

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                My husband and I went today for the first time and I'm excited as well! We always go to Houston's because it's so close but never get out of there for less than $125.00. We really liked Cover 3! It's not like a regular loud sports bar, but rather nice to watch a game and eat some good upscale food. If you're looking for basic "sports bar" with cheap beer and hot wings, go to Hooters!

                I actually heard it was the people from z'tejas that opened this? Anyway, it's nice to have this in the neighborhood (don't have to drive to Eddie V's) and we thought the food and atmosphere were fantastic! I'm hoping people will appreciate it for what it is - NOT basic sports bar, but cool hang-out with great wine list and food (and TV!) without going downtown.

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                  Our waitress confirmed that it was a manager at Z'Tejas who opened this place. Definitely not a sports bar, more like a restaurant that happens to have a lot of TV's. The upstairs bar was not open yet, I think that may be more of the "sports bar" area. Had 2 Dos Equis at $4.50 each and the chips and salsa/queso.guac appetizer for $11. The salsa was bland, the guac was ok, and the queso was unremarkable. Did not have an entree but the cheapest thing I saw was a $12 burger.

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                  Actually it is some former Eddie V's / Z'tejas employees. The owners are former managers of z'tejas and eddies, the head bartender is the former z'tejas head bartender and the executive chef is a former z'tejas sous chef.

                3. I met some friends there last night and I kind of liked it. Nice atmosphere and it was great to be out of downtown with plenty of parking/seating. I ordered the nachos and a glass of wine. Happy hour prices. The nachos were piled high on good, sturdy chips. the beef had a good flavor and the avocado was fresh (not that gross mayo/avo combo that comes out of a bag). The cheese said 'pepper jack' but it was more of a white queso style as opposed to melted/shredded cheese. It wasn't my favorite, but I liked it.

                  I hope Cover 3 makes it. Nice, local, fun. I'm all about that. There was a good crowd for a Wednesday night. The staff was very kind and attentive and the one of the owners was there making sure everyone was taken care of. I'll go back.

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                    How were the happy hour prices vs. the regular menu prices?

                  2. I haven't been there yet, but I live close by and checked out their menu on line.

                    You know, one of my chief complaints about Austin dining is that we have way too many Icehouse / pub grub eateries.. You know, burgers, fries, maybe chicken fried steak, etc. Just in the area around Cover 3 you have Waterloo, Phils, Chili's, Hangtown, etc.

                    So, along comes an upscale sports bar with $15.00 burgers and pricey drinks.. Seriously, $400 for a bottle of Grange with a hamburger, in a SportsBar?

                    I wish them all the success in the world, but given the economy, location, competition, et al.. I don't think I'll be eating there, and I don't think they'll be there in 12 months time.

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                        Far from a Waterloo, Phils, Chili's, Hangtown, ect. Before you have complaints. The burger is $12.00 It does come with fries and it is awesome. The place is very nice. and the prices are in line with the food and atmosphere you get. Give it a try I'm sure you will like it.

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                          Well said TacoKing. While I wouldn't go there every night or plan to be a barfly, I liked it. It was fun, clean, convenient and the food was good. There are PLENTY of less expensive places in the area to watch sports and have inexpensive food with the kids. This is a different type of place and I hope they make it.

                      2. Sounds just like Champps, which is a successful nationwide chain I've been to a few times. The food at Champps is actually quite decent, although it's more of a destination for atmosphere than food. It will be interesting to see how Cover 3 does in that location.


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                        1. re: sweetbasil

                          Actually, nothing like Champs, but I understand how you got there.

                          The menu is lovely, as is the staff. We considered going for dinner last night but decided to check it out in the afternoon. For 20 bucks, hubby and I each had two draft beers (tip included).

                          It was a typical sports bar crowd at that time. From what we observed, the calamari app and sliders seemed most popular and looked pretty good. We made a reservation for the evening.

                          Came in, seated, left... noisy - weird, actually. I don't see how one can do sports bar and upscale dining at the same time. The upscale diners (which I wanted to be) don't like the noise and the sports fiends (of which I am one), don't care.

                          Every service person that we encountered was great and excited enough to talk about the concept in great detail.

                          I have a strong feeling that Cover 3 will find it's place and this may be opening week jitters... the crowd in the evening was amazing. I don't think there was anyone between 29 and 49 in Northwest Austin that was not there Saturday night.

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                            Rene said " For 20 bucks, hubby and I each had two draft beers (tip included)."

                            I hope you are a big tipper, because that is ridiculous,especially at a sports bar, no matter how upscale it is. I heard their radio commercial the other day (Jeff Ward was talking) and they said call for reservations. I said to myself, this just doesn't sound right, there is no way I am calling for reservations to a sports bar.

                            1. re: TroyTempest

                              Good... I made my point. The beer is far too expensive for a sports bar. We tipped a little less than 20% leaving the change from the first round, $1.50, and from the second round, $2).

                              I think it's going to be interesting to see how they work things out, but they may not have to do anything. Lots of people will probably keep them busy for awhile since it's the "hippest" place in the area.

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                                Call me nuts, but $5 per beer, including a tip, doesn't sound all that steep. Unless it was a Keystone Light in a juice cup, it sounds about average.

                                If that was the happy-hour price, then maybe you have a gripe. But I cant remember the last time I paid less than (approx) $5 for a pint of good beer.

                                1. re: Bababooey

                                  Hmm... A Coors light for $4 is certainly not unheard of, especially in upscale restaurants. Obviously, we stayed for two (and would have had a couple or so more if we had stayed) so it wasn't a very big problem. I just don’t think it’s a competitive price for a sports bar.

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                                    Mea culpa... We went to dinner at a casual family Mexican restaurant that was nothing special ambiance wise... loud kids, etc. The beer prices are so slightly higher at Cover 3 that it really was not worth the mention. Since hub pays the bill when we go out, I didn't really notice. I tend to entertain clients during Happy Hour so it's not a fair assessment. Sorry!

                                  2. re: Bababooey

                                    No Bababooey, you're not nuts at all. I went back and re-read the post. I originally thought it was 2 beers total (which would put the beers closer to $10 each obviously).
                                    My apologies. Don't know how i missed that the first time.
                                    I don't mind paying that for a decent beer, either.
                                    And I have paid $5 for a Bud Light in a plastic cup not much bigger than a juice cup...at Chuckie Cheese. And believe me, that beer was worth every penny.

                                    1. re: TroyTempest

                                      Troy...at Chuck E. Cheese I would pay anything for a beer!

                          2. I recently went there for lunch and was pleased. I won't repeat what everyone has already said about the ambiance, menu and wine list so I'll just debrief you on my food.
                            I had a trout lunch special, and for 12 bucks, I was thoroughly impressed. They let the fish speak for itself and it was fresh. The sides were rich without being overwhelming. The chips were some of the best I've had in Austin; sturdy, well-seasoned, and hot. The mildly sharp queso also the best I've had in Austin. The guacamole chunky and clean.
                            Considering I pay just a few dollars less for mere sustenance at most places around the corner, I hope this place lasts.

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                              I have to agree with gvilletransplant. I am a woman (hear me roar) - and I am not a sports fan - BUT - this place is pleasant, with great service. The food is good, and we do not have many options in Northwest Austin (without getting on 183) to dine. I have gone there four times now, three times with just other girlfriends....the sports part is not over whelming, and the waitresses were always great. (Does not always happen - a lot of times waitpeople assume women will not tip - and we do - we ROCK....used to be waitpeople ourselves!)

                            2. I haven't been, so I can't attest to the food, but they don't play the UFC there. If you're a sports person

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                                Chef's decision. A shattered spine and cage fighting probably aren't good accompaniments to an Ahi Tuna Burger.

                              2. I went there for the Super Bowl and had a lovely time. They've combined a nice restaurant with good sports viewing and it was just what I was looking for. I had the tuna appetizer which was fresh although a little under-dressed for my taste. I also had the triple dip appetizer which was fun and good for munching through the 1st half of the game. (Picture here: http://www.twitpic.com/1afh1


                                Their wine by-the-glass menu offered several options in a range from about $6 - $12 and then $6 offerings weren't bad at all. Above all, the service was fantastic.

                                While I won't put Cover 3 into the category of some of Austin's best restaurants, the food and ambiance are good, it's a little further north, and it's a great alternative to a traditional sports bar for serious sports viewing. I will absolutely go back.

                                1. Well, I finally got around to eating there, sort of. I.e., my son and I both got the half pound burger with the Parmesan cheese fries and a beer. I will say the burger was good but not remarkable. They did put a good amount of lettuce and tomatos and onions on it but the bun had no dressing of any kind. ( They did gladly provide mustard or mayo on the side). The meat was ordered medium but IMO was overcooked ( no pink). The most notable thing was how the clatter of the chatter hits you in the face when you first walk in. I wasn't sure if I could take the noise level but at the furtherest table in the dining part, it was possible to carry on something resembling a conversation. I will go back possibly for lunch but I don't feel a real desire to return. It is convenient, service was spotty but well intentioned and apparently they got the keg of Stell and Blue Moon mixed up, although the bartender said no. an' thass the damn truff.

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                                    I took my kids there week before last and, well, we ended up with a $75 bill. A little pricey for me and 2 kids. The portions were huge so you did the right thing by splitting something. I could've easily done that.

                                    Both kids orderd the ribs and my daughters plate was literally cold. I ate too much of the appetizer and wasn't even hungry for the HUGE salad that I ordered.

                                    I'll go there for drinks/appetizers but not for dinner, unless someone else is paying.