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Nov 14, 2008 10:29 AM

good sandwiches on UES

So after living here for the past 6 months, I still haven't found a good sandwich. (For point of reference for people from Boston/Cambridge, something like Darwin's or The Spa on Oxford St.) I really don't care what type of sandwich it is (just not too thick bread), but something a little better than Lenny's or Subway would be nice. Street cart suggestions are also welcomed!

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  1. in no particluar order:
    - california chicken club from EJ's
    - chicken parmigan hero from delizia

    1. Terra Mare on 65th between Fifth and Madison makes great sandwiches on pizza bianco (like foccaccia) and other breads
      Yura on Madison (92nd) has several sandwiches ready-made that you don't see everywhere: roast beef and frizzled onions on brioche-like buns and smoked turkey and arugula pinwheels that actually taste good, plus they make a few to order that sound good
      EAT on Madison in the 80s has the best sandwiches ready-made on multigrain bread but they come in twos which makes them expensive
      Corrado's on Lexington at about 90th and also around 70th has several combinations that are unusual and tasty

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        I also really like the chicken sandwich at Yura - breast meat, mayonnaise and chives, on good white bread.

      2. Michelle's Belgian Kitchen...
        Any combination you can think of:

        Roast Beef and Boursin with watercress on BAguette....dill chicken salad dijon with snow peas and fresh mozzarella...make it up as you go

        They also have amazing salads..

        Also at Fetch you can get a great chicken breast and avocado on brioche roll with balsamic vinegar

        1. Via Quadronno on 74th and Madison has great pannini and the best espresso!

          1. great sandwiches at Agata & Valentina (79th & 1st)

            You can get your own ingredients and create yr own

            Delicious eggplant parm at Italian Village
            on 1st Ave between 79th and 80th

            Eli's - 80th & Third has great food, but the prices are ridiculous.