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Dec 4, 2003 03:22 PM

Christmas Eve Dinner Near the Mission Inn in Riverside?

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My family and I are planning to take in the Festival of Lights at the Mission Inn in Riverside on Christmas Eve, and we'd like to have dinner out there too. I live in Washington, DC and my family is in Orange County, so I don't know a lot about restaurants in Riverside! We'd like to avoid the restaurants at the Mission Inn, as we've heard they're not good and very expensive. I have heard good things about Mario's (across the street from the Mission Inn) and Ciao Bella. Does anyone have recommendations between the two? Any other suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. I have not personally been to Mario's, but I also have heard good things about the place.

    1. I had lunch and dinner at Mario's earlier this year. It was fine, although I was distincly disappointed with what would otherwise have been an excellent pear and St. Auger(sp.) salad because it was so sloppy and wet.

      Mario's is quite decent but not particularly inexpensive. The restaurants at the Mission Inn are very pretty and quite festive. You might want to consider spending a few bucks more for their superior atmosphere. At the very least, have a drink in their very clubby bar.