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Nov 14, 2008 10:19 AM


Mom is new to Northern cali and wanting to hit up San Fran for some chowda. I did a search on the SF board and didn't come up with much. I have a post there but thought I would ask here too. Any GREAT suggestions for NE Chowda?

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  1. My bad, didn't realize there were more than the first page. Although most posts only mention chowder in passing, not as a main concern. I will do some more searching.

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    1. All I do when I go home to SF is eat chowder. The best is at the Hog Island Oyster Counter in the ferry building - made to order. Also love Tadich Grill -they have Boston and Manhattan, Swan's Oyster Depot and had a very good report from the family on Chowder at Nettie's which just opened on Union Street. Happy eating

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