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Nov 14, 2008 10:13 AM

First visit to Pitt for in-laws, weekend after Christmas

My boyfriend and I along with his parents will be attending at wedding on Pitt's campus the weekend immediately following Christmas, we will be staying at the Holiday Inn across the street from the Tower of Learning. It's been over 10 years since I lived in the area and need some help. We will be picking them up from the airport on Friday (the 26th) and will be looking for someplace for dinner. I was thinking something up on Mount Washington for the view, but I don't know if anyplace up there is worth it. We'll be looking for good food, good service, not outrageously expensive, type of food doesn't make a difference, and someplace semi-casual. They are not going to want to get dressed up after flying cross-country. Then we also will be looking for lunch on Saturday, I was thinking somewhere down in the Strip district. Then possibly Sunday brunch or lunch. We are willing to go just about anywhere in the city for dinner Friday, Saturday we would prefer to stay close so we have enough time to get ready before the wedding.

Thanks in advance for any and all recommendations

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  1. Well, I dont recommend anywhere on Mt. Washington. Honestly, you're paying for the view and not the quality. The overlooks are free, and the inclines are only 2.50 round trip, those are much cheaper ways to enjoy the view of the city.

    If you want to stay in Oakland, Lucca may fit the bill. Might be a little more than you want to spend but the food and service are highly reviewed.

    It is a short walk from your hotel. Actually, there are a bunch of places on Craig St. Union Grill is more casual, less expensive, but nothing spectacular. The food is pretty decent. It's right near Lucca, again a short walk from your hotel. Most of the college kids in the area are gone for the week between Christmas and New Year, so that is a bonus, Union Grill should be pretty quiet at that time.

    If you want to venture out of Oakland, Palomino downtown may fit the bill perfectly. I always have enjoyed the food there and the service is outstanding without being anything TOO fancy.

    My last reccomendation is Pamela's on Forbes Avenue for breakfast/brunch. Its certainly nothing fancy, but the omlettes are great, and the lyonnaise potatoes, their signature dish, are excellent. It's a good, heart but greasy breakfast, one most people enjoy very much.

    Hope that helps.

    1. Agree that Mt. Washington isn't the place for value, but if you do want to dine there, Monterrey Fish Grotto and Isabela's on Grandview would be the better choices. But a ride up the incline and a couple of drinks would serve the purpose for the view.

      In the casual/relatively inexpensive category, I've taken a liking to 17th St. Cafe off Carson, which would be just a short ride from the Incline. Would also suggest Dish Osteria further down Carson. Also like Ibiza, but some here aren't big fans.

      In the Strip, I tend to eat more from the street vendors than do sit down, but for sit down, lots of people here like Kaya.

      1. I agree with the Union Grill suggestion for Friday. Walking there would give you a chance to stretch your legs and the food's generally satisfying. The atmosphere is very casual and relaxed.

        I'd also recommend the Murray Ave. grill on Murray Ave. in Squirrel Hill. The food's good and moderately priced. Again, a very relaxed atmosphere and wonederful now that it's non-smoking.

        Tessaro's on Liberty Ave. in Bloomfield is also a favorite of mine. Grilled anything is great there. Hmmm, maybe I've lived in an apartment too long and miss grilling.

        You could combine your brunch and strip district trip by going to Pamela's in the strip. I think it's on 20th or so.