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Nov 14, 2008 10:00 AM

Best Place to taste Bourbon in Louisville?

Looking to taste real Kentucky bourbon while in Louisville. Interested in finding a place that has a nice selection of bourbons that give the uninitiated (me) a tour of Bourbon County. Ideas?

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  1. Louisville is not in Bourbon County.

    here is a link about bourbon tours in the Louisville area

    My choices to enjoy BOURBON are Proof on Main or the Brown Hotel Lounge,might as well have a hot brown while there.Oh Bourbon Bistro also a nice choice. in Kentucky we do not call it Ky Bourbon in our eyes real bourbon is only made in Ky anything else id just whiskey.

    1. Louisville may not be Bourbon Country, but the corporate HQ's are here. The other great thing about it is that you are not in the great central Ky DRY wasteland. Check out Riveu in the Galt House, Proof on Main, The Old Seelbach Bar, and just about any descent bar in Louisville for a great Bourbon selection. Ihave been in punk rock dives in Louisville that have had a better bourbon selection than most bars anywhere in America.
      If you are going to Bourbon Country, check out Makers Mark in Loretto, Labrot Grahamn outside of Frankfort, Heaven Hill, Jim Beam by Bernheim Forest, all have cool tours. Buit do your drinking in Louisville.