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Hei La Moon

y2000k Nov 14, 2008 09:57 AM

I know CH'ers might not think this is the best place for dim sum these days, but we've decided we'll give it a try this Sunday. 2 questions:

1) Will there be a long line by 11:30am on Sunday? There's just 3 of us.
2) What's the parking situation there? I know the garage is right above. I searched here and found a thread from 9 months ago about some validation issues. Any more recent first hand information?

  1. y
    y2000k Nov 16, 2008 03:16 PM

    Thanks again for everyone's replies. Here's a report back:

    1) We got there right around 11:30am today (Sunday). The place was packed with tons of people waiting. Got a number, and waited for 20-25 mins before we got seated. (Probably customers could have been seated more efficiently if the staff there is more organized. Several empty tables but it takes forever for the floor staff to inform the maitre'd.)

    2) Parking is as Luther said - but cost is now $11 which you pay when you enter the garage. Then I paid $7 to the restaurant, which in turn gave me a sticker for the parking ticket. Got my $11 back when I exited the garage. No time limit for weekend parking.

    3) Overall, I think the dim sum quality there is very good. 3 of us had 10 dishes total, and I can't say anything bad about any of the dishes. I find the variety of dishes there good too. Food is not too salty, and probably no (or little) MSG as I didn't get my usual MSG-coma after eating.

    1. sox_foodie Nov 16, 2008 12:10 PM

      I was at Hei La Moon on Saturday and it was definitely worth a trip. First of all, I was blessed with an AWESOME parking spot. I haven't been able to avoid paying the stupid $10 to the garage in so long. This meal was so much cheaper simply because I managed to find a metered space. Yes!

      Regarding CHers forsaking Hei La Moon, I beg you not to! The system of dim sum is based on volume. If a restaurant can't keep up the turnover of dishes, things get cold and aren't cycled as much and there isn't room for variety and creativity in dishes. It's a weird cycle. We go because it's good and it's good because we go.

      My table of 8 had no wait on a Saturday at 11:30. The food was good, but I couldn't help but notice the empty tables in the back. I think the first floor was filled, so they were at about 3/4 capacity. The quality was good, but less great the last time. Still better than China Pearl, about the same as Windsor. Still, I'm worried that if they start emptying to 1/2 capacity, the food will drop also drop proportionally.

      1. t
        TheScribe Nov 14, 2008 06:07 PM

        Just want to say I went there for dim sum for lunch this week. It was much better than a number of other Chinatown places I've gone for dim sum. Enjoy!

        1. Luther Nov 14, 2008 11:19 AM

          The wait hasn't been too bad ever since they opened the second floor, just make sure you say you're willing to share a table.

          Validation is no problem, you pay $10 going in the garage, then give $5 to the hostess who puts a sticker on your ticket, then you get $10 back going out.

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          1. re: Luther
            y2000k Nov 14, 2008 11:30 AM

            Is there a time limit on the parking? As we're thinking of doing a few other things while we're in the city, so perhaps 3-4 hours of parking?

            1. re: y2000k
              Luther Nov 14, 2008 03:39 PM

              not sure.

              1. re: Luther
                sox_foodie Nov 16, 2008 12:11 PM

                Also, it's $10 all day on weekends, I think. And something like, $7 for one hour on weekdays.... I just know that I had to sprint to my car on a Thursday once because my hour was up. Weekends you should be fine though.

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