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Nov 14, 2008 09:44 AM


I did a search and there actually weren't many posts. So I an going to ask for your best New Egland style chowda recs. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I got 168 results for the Left Coastian spelling, chowder. Even with that be prepared to be disappointed.

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    1. re: wolfe

      I did spell it that way. I'll try again.

      1. re: JEN10

        My bad, didn't realize there were more than the first 15. Still most posts were not about the best chowder. I found a few that suggest Hogs, is that still good?

        1. re: JEN10

          NO !!! . Not if you are looking for New England style

          Hog Island has a bowl of clams in-shell in a light broth that they call chowder.

          A few places I've found to be good New England-wise

          - Woodhouse SF
          - Fish Sausalito

          Swan oyster depot often is mentioned as good but be aware it starts as canned Campbell's chowder to which clam juice is added.

          For a less traditional version, but something this New Englander loved, try Sea Salt in Berkeley.

          I want to go back and revisit North Beach / Old Port Lobster Shack. When I tried it they had just opened and were still playing with the recipe.

          On my list to try is Chowders in of all places, Pier 39. Unlike most that starts in a can, they claim to make it from scratch.

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            RW, Thank you for the info, will pass it on to Mom!!!

    2. Ok.this will be one of those frustrating posts. I'm from Cape Cod. About 5 years ago, we visited friends in San Rafael. I had hear of a place in Mill Valley that served "perfect" Fried Clams with bellies (Ipswich Clams). We went there, had a glorious meal and they had delightful chowder as well. Alas, the name escapes me, but I remember it was a casual place, even had a covered-over "lounge" that was outside and had a sandbox for kids to play in!

      Try a search on google. I definitely would call ahead as when we got there, they told me they weren't sure they had any clams that night. Fortunately, luck prevailed

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        Yankee Pier in Larkspur has a sandbox, and claims to serve New England-style chowder. Could that be it?

        1. re: emi50

          Yankiee Pier which now has a number of locations never did it for this New Englander. First of all, the serving of fried clams is skimpy, I think six for about $20. It is mainly fries. Then they californize stuff slightly ... there was some sort of biscuit that was wrong. The clam chowder I don't remember, but it didn't do it for me. I think it had something wierd in it like rosemary.

          For a while it was the only game in the Bay Area. IMO, it has been surpassed by both Woodhouse and Old Port Lobster Shack for the clam fix be it chowder, steamers or fried clams.

          I'm from Connecticut and Massachussets, and while a visitor might appreciate the slight variations of a Yankee Pier, for a home sick for REAL clams New Englander, the variations were a real PITA.

          Now with Woodhouse and Old Port for the real thing, I'm more forgiving of variations on the classic dish. As long as I can get REAL clams and chowder when the craving hits.

      2. Ok, it may have been Larspur rather than Mill Valley. I'm an Easterner, what do I know?

        But check this out and maybe it will do fufill what you want:

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Chowda is East Coast....looking for it on the West Coast is sort of like looking for a decent burrito on the East can be had, but it's rare.

            On the West Coast, you're better off looking for cioppino. As crab season nears (next week), even better.

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