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Nov 14, 2008 09:39 AM

BOCADO's in Worcester, MA

Thinking of trying this popular Tapas Restaurant and wondering if any of you fellow "chowhounders" have been there?

Would love to hear some reviews.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I do NOT know any of the owners ;). I was there once and had a wonderful experience. Service was top notch, tapas were delicious and the serving sizes were quite ample. I have recommended it to many folks, and everyone I know of who has tried it has loved it. The only possible downside I can think of is that it is quite loud, so not the best place for an intimate get-together.

      1. I've been once and had a great experience. The space is quite loud (not a romantic destination really). Service was attentive. Portions are very generous (larger than what one expects of tapas). The "Bocado experience" for four could easily feed six people. Flavors are not particularly Spanish but everything was good nonetheless. Overall, I prefer tapas at Toro (Back Bay, Boston) but Bocado would merit a return trip.

        1. Not only did we find it very loud but also very dark. We wished we had flashlights to read the menu! Overall the food was decent, but we prefer Solea in Waltham.

          Also i dont recall the details but something about the bread is in the back of my mind. Either they didnt give bread or not enough of it or something...

          Id go check it out again though in fact we had planned to go a few weeks back but when we called around 3 to make a dinner reservation for 4 the earliest was 9:00 which was later then we wanted. So if you go, especially on a weekend, plan way ahead.

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            I don't believe there was bread offered (but we had charcuterie and that came with bread). I suspect they would provide some if asked.

            1. re: GSM

              ok that was what it was then, seems odd to me not to have bread with tapas. Soaking up the garlic butter with the shrimp or the other sauces with bread is a main part of it

          2. I've been there numerous times and have enjoyed it every time. One of the better choices in the big Woo these days. Science Chick hits all the key issues -- delicious food, great service, very noisy. The have a terrific Spanish wine list and offer tasting flights at very reasonable costs. The servers are remarkably knowledgable regarding the wines, and very good at helping you pace your meal with a few rounds of tapas. Skip the "large plates" and focus on tapas, for sure.

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            1. re: Rick_V

              Why skip the large plates? I wanted to try the paella next time. Do you not recommend it?

              1. re: hargau

                I do not, particularly. I love paella, but it wasn't up to the same standard as the small plates.