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Nov 14, 2008 09:24 AM

Jitlada Thai - Healthy options?

I'll be eating at JITLADA for the first time on Sunday. One of the friends in the group is dieitng. Because I picked the restaurant, I am now worried she won't have any healthy options (low-fat and low-carb). For those who have been, can you confirm whether there are any healthy dishes? I looked at the menu at menupages but there is no description of the items so hard to tell.

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  1. Jitlada has some wonderful salad options which are pretty low-fat/low-carb. I usually sop up the dressing with balls of sticky rice but for low-carb I guess your friend could skip the rice?

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      often the salad dressings at thai restaurants are full of sugar.
      (this doesn't bother me at all, but if i was on a low carb kick it would mean that the dressing should be ordered 'on the side.'

    2. Basically, just skip the rice and noodles. I'd recommend the blue crab salad in particular and also the coco mango salad and steamed mussels.

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        Thanks all! I saw all the salad options just wasn't sure if the proteins were fried or sauteed in lots of oil.

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          Some are fried (softshell crab), some not, it's usually indicated on the menu. (Things that say "crispy scallops" for example, are fried.) But you can pretty much bet that any ethnic restaurant will be using lots of oil. Die-hard dieters can't really know exactly what they're eating at authentic ethnic restaurants, but Thai food is likely to be far less damaging than say, Indian or Italian. If someone is on such a diet that they can't have some coconut milk in their curry or a touch of sugar in the sauces, for example, it's probably better for them to stick to eating at home.

      2. I'm not quite sure if it's possible to truly be low-fat *and* low-carb, but I'm a longtime low-carber and I've had really good luck at Jitlada. Chowpatty nailed it - skip the rice and noodles and stick with the proteins.