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Nov 14, 2008 09:21 AM

celebration dinner for a group of 20 people in DC

Hey hounds! I'm having a birthday celebration dinner in DC for about 17-25 people. Every year I have gone to Jaleo (one of my favorites!) but this year the party has gotten too big and the restaurant wants to do a tasting menu to make it easier. This kind of defeats the purpose for Jaleo - usually everyone gets 3 tapas that they want and shares it, not everyone getting the same tapas with limited options. Anyway, I'm trying to think of some good places that won't break the bank, must be IN THE DISTRICT (and metro accessible), that could accommodate a group like this for dinner. We don't need a private room or anything, just a good amount of space. Also, the dinner is on a Monday night.
Thanks and chow down!

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  1. How about Cafe Atlantico, Oya, Regent Thai, or Marvin? All are affordable, should have the space, and have a fun/vibrant atmosphere for a celebration.

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    1. re: Elyssa

      Thanks for the suggestions! Atlantico is out, as is Zaytina and Oyamel - they are all under the same company and have the same kind of set up (with tasting menus that are, in my opinion, too limited). Marvin is a great suggestion and I'm currently looking into it. Thanks!! Keep em coming!

      1. re: mixedeyes

        I went to Marvin a few nights ago and liked it. Festive atmosphere and pretty good food.
        Foi gras was delicious, mussels were good, desserts were the weakest part of the meal. I think Marvin is a great suggestion for a celebration including several people.

        1. re: chicken kabob

          Just thought of ZENGO in Chinatown as another great option.