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Nov 14, 2008 08:53 AM

Food destinations in Eg/Avenue to Yorkdale mall area

OK, this is somewhat random. But...I'm planning a surprise birthday party and need to stall the birthday girl, perhaps with some random food treat.

Basically, I need a reason to stop somewhere on the way to the party to give her parents time to beat us to the destination. Are there any good ice cream, gelato, cheesecake places of note that we could go to along the way? We're going to be traveling from Avenue and Eglinton to the Yorkdale mall area.

Oh, and it has to be open on Saturday nights til at least 9:30 pm.


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  1. I don't know the hours, but Doce Minho would be a perfect stop. It's a wonderful Portuguese bakery and cafe with all sorts of yummy goodies to peruse -- both sweet and savory (this is my source for pasteis bacalhau). It's on Dufferin, between Eglinton and Rogers. It is south of Eglinton, but not by much, and you can take Dufferin straight up to Yorkdale afterwards.