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Nov 14, 2008 08:53 AM

New grill meets pork loin - how to introduce?

After receiving my new grill as a birthday present in May, waiting until July and then shipping it from Western Canada to Dubai unopened, then having my shipment delayed (without being informed) for two months, it's finally (FINALLY) here!!

It's set up, hooked up to the gas, and is ready to be christened. The special guest at the official christening (to happen tomorrow) is a skin-on pork loin weighing around 3lbs (I think - my husband picked it up and I haven't checked the weight myself).

I want to do this right... so - who else should be invited to the party? Please help me plan my grill christening meal!

Should I marinade or rub? What's your recipe for killer grilled pork loin? What are your suggestions for sides?

My grill (Weber Summit Series) has a smoker attachment and a rotisserie. I am planning on using some hickory chips for smoke flavour, but I'm not sure whether I should put the loin on the rotisserie, or just on the grill itself.

I'm hoping for some real deliciousness here - I want to start with the grill as I mean to go on. Your wisdom is appreciated!!

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  1. Oh how exciting! Exp after such a long wait.

    As for the meat. I like brining pork first for 12-24 hours first. Rinse the meat to get some excess salt off. Now what kind of flavor do you want?

    More of a bbq flavor try paprikia, brown sugar, cayenne mixed together and then rubbed.

    My dad's fav is butterflying the loin, layering in prunes and thyme and rolling and tying it back upl .

    Personally, I just came from Tuscany so I'm craving anything with lots of rosemary, thyme, lavendar, and garlic.