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Nov 14, 2008 08:31 AM

Edmonton West End

Looking for a good place to have a Saturday breakfast in the West End of Edmonton. I am afraid to even ask given the huge number of "big box" chain restaurants in the area, but I was hoping someone might have some suggestions. I would go west of the Henday if any of the new neighbourhoods have some good local restaurants. Anything new popped up in Lewis Estates or the Grange?

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  1. CourtJ:

    Sorry, unable to recommend anything...not much of a breakfast eater and usually end up in one of the "big box" chains you mentioned for lunch like Earl's, Joey's, Boston Pizza and the like.

    Cannot think of anything interesting across Henday. There is a thai place in the strip mall that houses Safeway's, a Japanese bisto and a taco chain along with a DQ and the aforementioned BP in another which has the Save ON but I cannot think of any family operated spots.

    Hope we both get some suggestions