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Nov 14, 2008 08:21 AM

Mild Chilli Pepper

As part of an amuse bouche, I thought of dipping some mild chillis in melted sugar to create a crisp shell. Can someone name me a popular brand that's mild enough to eat raw? (about the same heat as a microwave curry)

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  1. Pasilla, Anaheims and New Mexico chilies are all quite mild.

    1. We just finished a dozen Poblanos that were mild and very fruity,also quite large I thought
      Used to offset dry cherries in a winter rice salad,was a nice contrast.Let us know how your peppers result and pair with?

      1. I love the basic idea of this dish. Nevertheless, given that sugar mitigates the "heat" of capsaicin, I would think that a pepper with some heat should be used. In fact, for me - a chililover, I would love to try it with a jalepeno.

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          ditto jalapeno -- esp. since the other chilies might be hard for soop to find in the u.k.

          (this idea made me think of the recent "cowboy candy" thread -- similar concept, but peppers are chopped.).

          1. re: alkapal

            Cool, thanks guys. The other part of the amuse bouche is a shot of pumpkin soop with a chili kick to it. Pumpkin is quite sweet, and I thought of adding chilli to it, and then the idea of something that's supposed to be sweet being hot, and something supposed to be hot being sweet occured.

              1. re: Soop

                Fresh grated ginger or horse radish will up the flavor contrast a lot in pumpkin or squash soup.With out the "staying" spice burn of capsicum,zero bitter notes,but very real short heat.

                1. re: lcool

                  i know ginger and carrot soup (made with lots of onions) with a bit of curry and cream is fantastico!

                  1. re: lcool

                    Ok, thanks - I'm not sure about the taste of those two though - does it come out much? I like the fire and the taste of chilli.

                    1. re: Soop

                      Yes,you will get a real punch.Think wasabi,horseradish is very agressive.
                      It has a heat that fades fast,does not grab the palate and send people to the water hole for help.Ginger not so much,it's a boost that adds depth and complexity to all things hot.Pumpkin and ginger are sort of a natural pair,sweet,hot and savory.Hot radish is a blast I like with creamy things

            1. soop, so what was your amuse-bouche?