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Nov 14, 2008 08:09 AM

Good Lunch Spot Around Troegs Brewery

Heading out to tour the brewery on Saturday and see how one of my favorite beers (Troegenator Doublebock) is made. We'll probably be early so since it looks like the Brewery is downtown Harrisburg, where is a good spot to eat. I am open for anything (Mexican, good sandwich spot, pub, diner, something else). Danke!

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  1. McGrath's Pub offers decent pub food and a great selection of draft micro brews including Troeg's. www.mcgrathspub.net

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      Thanks Gardner. The weather was terrible so after the tour, we sat around and sampled all the different variety's of beer in Troegs little side bar. Sadly the Double Expreso Oatmeal Stout was sold out by the time we arrived (they still had it on tap but were out of bottles they could sell.) After a good buzz (everything Troegs makes is no less than 4.8 ABV to upwards of 11%) we stummbled upon the largest chain looking (non-chain maybe) Fiesta Mexico. The place was massive (2 stories) with a huge menu. Not the best, but not bad either. Place seems to do a good business. My fajitas were good and cheap. I would have rather tried something downtown but mother nature had other plans.