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...and a pint of guinness

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no doubt this will get moved to the beer board by big brother, but it dosent help me to know where i can get a correctly drawn pint of guinness in the BOSTON area. i have had some horrific imitations from places who havent changed their lines since the reagan administration (and at the same temperature as the lagers ). plenty of irish expats, seems like a no-brainer, but if you are a fan you will be surprised. irish freinds say the best in the area is on the cape, somewhere called "the irish cottage" possibly, but too far. is it me?

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  1. I'll give you 3 in different areas:

    1 Irish Village, Brighton
    2 Mr. Dooleys, downtown
    3 O'Learys, Brookline

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      4. Plough and Stars, Cambridge

      Second Dooley's

        1. J.J. Foley's, South End
          Green Briar, Brighton
          Olde Magoun's Saloon, Somerville
          The Field, Cambridge
          The Plough and Stars, Cambridge
          James's Gate, Jamaica Plain
          Doyle's, Jamaica Plain
          The Playwright, South Boston
          The Junction, South Boston
          The Banshee, Dorchester
          Eire Pub, Dorchester

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            I will second the Burren, Olde Magoun's Saloon and the Druid.

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              Please excuse the bump MC, but I would add to your already excellent list:

              Mr. Dooley's, Boston Financial District
              Matt Murphy's, Brookline Village


            2. The Greenbriar in Brighton for sure

              1. Where to find great food and drink locally is very much on topic for this board, so no worries! The beer board is geared towards discussion of beer in general, and non-locally oriented beer discussions.

                1. The best pours I've had on a consistent basis are from O'Leary's in Brookline, James's Gate in JP, The Druid in Cambridge, and, on a quiet day, The Burren in Somerville (sometimes the pours aren't so good when it's crowded).

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                    Plough & Star, Cambridge (not to mention, it is supposedly Boston's oldest Irish pub). But then again, unfortunately, authentic Irish pubs in Boston are scarcer than hen's teeth (I'm Irish).

                    Have we ever had a thread on the worst Irish pub in Boston? My vote goes to Asgard in Central Square, Cambridge.

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                      Black Rose, Faneuil Hall (Hall of Fame bad)
                      Both Cambridge locations of Tommy Doyle's
                      Clery's, South End
                      The Kinsale, Government Center
                      Lir, Back Bay
                      The Harp, West End
                      Grand Canal, West End

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                        I'd probably vote for Asgard or the Purple Shamrock.

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                          Tommy Doyle's is as much an Irish pub as (Ronald) McDonalds is a Scottish restaurant. And yeah, it's lame by any standard.

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                          Maybe its me, but since Barry retired and the change of management the Plough hasn't been quite the same for me. Back when they had the old knob-based nitrogen control and 6 pints lined up sitting a bit (and few other draft offerings), it just seemed fresher. I would put several on MC's original list before it strictly for the beer, but the Plough is one of a kind. Between the current draft system and some attention from Guinness, the LCD has gotten a bit better over the years, but its still amazing the bad pours that are out there. McGann's is the best West End and (near) Faneuil hall option even after Guinness promoted a few events and brought their staff to a few FH locations. Not perfect stout, but a nice fake fire during the winter time.

                          Has anyone tried Paddy Grace's new venture on Broad Street (I think its open), that's certainly worth a visit? Also its a world apart from Guinness, but I think Redbones does a stout festival (a month?) later on in the winter.

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                            itaunas, do you mean the Littlest Bar? If so, I believe it opened last week.

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                              Yes, although its the Littlest only in name and ownership now :-)

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                              Went to the new Littlest Bar this afternoon.
                              Wow, wow, wow what a letdown. It's an okay spot for a tourist or whatever, that never stepped foot in the original bar.
                              It's not small, they have food, Guinness is now $6, and it just felt wrong. Won't be going back.

                              I'll stick with The Druid, The Plough, and the Behan Pub.

                        3. Over in Ireland this summer I spent some time on the Aran Islands. I was surprised to find 3 guys from there that absolutely loved the Black Rose. Go figure.

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                            I flag the Black Rose for the worst Guinness pour technique I've ever seen, like they're blasting Bud Lite out of a beer ball. Horrifying.

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                              I can't stand the Black Rose, but there are some people I know (all lifelong Bostonians) who love the place. Oh well, everyone is entitled to their opinion....I guess....

                          2. It's not much of a scene, but I've had the best Guinesses in Boston at the West Roxbury Pub. It's been a while though and I think the owner (from Ireland) passed away recently.

                            1. I'm surprised to hear that, Guiness is very particular about the delivery system for it's brew. If places don't follow their standards Guiness could cancel the account.

                              1. I've never met a pint I didn't enjoy, so I can't comment on the quality of a pub's pour, but for the atmosphere and food to go along with a pint, I've always enjoyed The Thirsty Scholar in Somerville.

                                1. Depending on who's behind the bar, The Squealing Pig can do a pretty good pour. Same with Durty Nelly's. But I think my top two favs are James's Gate and Flann O'Brien's.

                                  1. Try the Sly Fox in Quincy.

                                    1. I'll be coming to Boston soon and also looking for a good pour of Guiness.

                                      Of all the places mentioned in this thread, which ones serve breakfast (or brunch)?

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                                        I don't feel like reading all the previous replies...but go to the Plough and Stars or The Druid.
                                        Both in Cambridge, both have brunch on the weekends and are excellent with regard to the Guinness.

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                                          James's Gate or Doyle's in Jamaica Plain