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Nov 14, 2008 07:51 AM

retaurants in st.catharines

Does anyone know of any good places to eat there.
My mother-inlaw thinks the only place to eat is Mandari???
Yuch. Any cusine

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  1. One of the best restos in the whole region is Treadwell Cuisine in Port Dalhousie. Not cheap, but truly amazing food.

    Wellington Court is pretty good too, though a bit outdated in style.

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    1. Some of my family thinks like this too
      We had a very nice family dinner at coppolas. I had excellent carpaccio.
      Spicy thai is nice, but good luck convincing a boring family.
      Cafe amore on martindale could work.

      My mother likes pow wow, although I havent been in years. Treadwell is great, but pricey, i dont know many friends/family in st.catharines that would want to eat there, as they wouldn't appreciate it. Some of them like to gorge at the all you eat.

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      1. There is a nice Thai place I believe it's called Spicy Thai, NOT the thai place on St. Paul Street, this one is by the big bingo hall. It has charming decor and service and I've had very respectable meals there. In Port Dal there is a nice asian-y place, can't remember what it's called but it's in the main drag area and stands out because it's not a pub or crappy "north american" restaurant.

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          its called spice of life. I was served bad scallops there once and have been afraid to go back, although its a lovely restaurant. I believe moslty vegetarian, quite healthy. Probably not a good choice for unadventurous in-laws

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            Yup, that's the place. I found their veggie options to be v. nice.

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              Thanks all.
              I will try spicy thai next time i'm there