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Hounding for Butternut Squash/Pumpkin Pasta

I am on the search for either squash or pumpkin ravioli, to be specific. (I know that Franks had something like this on their specials a few days back but I foolishly missed it.) That said, any good pasta dish with BS/P will do.
I know Otto has one on the menu with Hazelnuts and penne...

A gnudi featuring these fall beauties would be a dream but I'm nut sure if this even exists...

I live in greenpoint/williamsburg and am willing to travel.


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  1. Variations of squash and pumkin (zucca) pastas will probably be offered as specials at some places, espcially those who look to feature seasonal fare. Of course, that makes them hard to pinpoint on a given night. One suggestion in Brooklyn would be Locanda Vini e Olii in Fort Greene.

    1. iCi restaurant in Fort Greene/Clinton Hill has pumpkin ravioli with hazelnuts and sage brown butter on their regular dinner menu. They possibly serve it for lunch too, not sure.

      1. I also think they had this at Al Di La. I'm not sure, I haven't been there in over a year.

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          It sounds like you're looking for a restaurant, but in case you're also interested pumpkin ravioli found in Italian markets - Piemonte in Little Italy (Grand btw. Mott/Mulberry) sells a very nice pumpkin ravioli (or it may be tortelloni, I forget), and actually, Citarella has very good pumpkin and butternut squash ravioli as well.

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            I actually just had a very nice pumpkin ravioli from Raffetto's (Houston and 6th Ave), with their homemade walnut sauce. I don't know if that's a traditional combination (we usually go the sage butter route), but it was delish

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              Love Piemonte especially for the pumplin ravioli. Like the sauce to though it is a bit on the sweet side

          2. I was at Downtown Atlantic this weekend and they had a pumpkin ravioli with gorgonzola xream sauce and walnuts. I believe Frankie's on Court Street also has a butternut squash ravioli with brown butter.

            1. The Farm on Adderley (on Cortelyou Road in Ditmas Park West) has very tasty butternut squash ravioli. They are served in a buttery sauce with brussels sprouts and parmigiano reggiano. The sprouts are shredded fine and add a wonderful sweetness and earthiness to the dish.

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                wow that sounds like heaven.

                thank you

              2. I was at the Empire Diner (10th and 22nd) on Friday night and their pasta special was butternut squash ravioli with an herb butter sauce. A member of my party ordered it and it was yummy. Perhaps you could call to see if and when they are having it again.

                1. ravioli store on 21st st. in long island city
                  but thats a store not a restaurant

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                    Asumnuthin- tell me about this ravioli store; I live in Astoria and have been looking for a non-Manhattan source of fresh pasta...

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                      My husband is a chef and buys from their LIC store @ 43-44 21st Street. I am not sure if they sell retail out of that location but I know the Red Hook Fairway carries the product

                      website and phone number: http://www.raviolistore.com/ 1.877.PASTA.NY (1.877.727.8269)

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                        Well, I've been trying unsuccessfully to get through to the Ravioli Store folks for the past couple of days. We swung by there yesterday afternoon to find it closed, and called today and got nothin'. The web page doesn't say anything about store hours. All of this leads me to believe that they don't sell retail. I guess I'll keep trying

                  2. ravioli or tortelli di zucca is one of my favorite things to eat! if you're truly willing to travel, it's the house pasta at community food and juice on broadway up near columbia university (a little pricey at $18 a plate, but they use excellent ingredients). i've also had it at the cafe inside the museum of modern art. and the italian restaurant gnocco in the east village often has it as a special (the best way -- ravioli in a butter sauce with splashes of aged balsamic and shavings of parmiggiano -- and also in a meat/tomato sauce which somewhat obscures the sweetness of the squash)... i actually didn't really like the penne at otto because i found the flavor of the smoked cheese grated on top to be overpowering...

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                      also saw at lupa they have squash pansoti (a kind of ravioli, means "little bellies") with sage, which sounds promising... am going to check it out for lunch on wednesday!!

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                        Soooo good to know about community food and juice. I live in Brooklyn so its not like we're in the neighb but I am very willing to travel when I have a certain craving. And seeing as its the house pasta it sounds like its there all the time.

                        Gnocco will also be on my radar.

                        As for Otto I tend to shy away from smoked cheeses which is a really good point about their dish, maybe they would substitute?

                        And let me know if Lupa works out for you! Any edible object that means little bellies sounds like I could really like it.


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                          the squash pansoti at lupa was great! it wasn't on the menu at the restaurant (though it's listed on their website menu) but they had it as a special... it was a bunch of butternut-filled ravioli in a butter sauce with some pieces of sauteed squash on top... really fresh-tasting and delicious! maybe call first to see if they have it?

                    2. At FAIRWAY this weekend, I bought Pumpkin Ravioli, the big round ones in the 12 count box. They are fresh, but freeze well if you want to stock up. I think the box was $6.95

                      They were excellent. We served them with a browned butter and sage sauce, sprinkled with chopped toasted Hazelnuts.

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                        Love that.
                        Should be eating at home more anyway these days :)

                        Thank you

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                          I agree plumtart, about eating home more often.

                          We have cut our dining out in half, and most evenings I cook at home.

                          There is so much wonderful produce, seafood and meat to be found in Brooklyn, it seems a shame not to, not to mention the much lower cost.

                          Fairway has some wonderful fresh pasta, and Fish Tales is my go to place foe shellfish and fish. Staubitz for meat and poultry.

                      2. Again not in Brooklyn, but Centro Vinoteca has a fantastic squash ravioli with a balsamic brown butter sauce and walnuts that is amazing. So, so good.

                        1. got some at fairway in red hook this weekend.
                          but the place is just crazy on Saturday, great food but take an Advil before you go. I cannot wait to see the new one in Paramus coming soon.

                          1. If you're willing to go to Manhattan, you can try Trader Joe's on 14th Street at 3rd Avenue, but it's usually only available in the Fall for the obvious reason.You also might try Raffeto's on Houston near MacDougal St.