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Nov 14, 2008 06:37 AM

Dinner/breakfast in Edmonton over the weekend


I'm going on a work trip, staying at the Union Bank Inn, and I'm looking for recommendations for somewhere good but cheap to eat within reasonable walking distance - very limited expenses. Ideally, I'd like a good brunch place for breakfast, and am open to suggestions for the evenings. I've seen lots of good Edmonton recommendations, but I need somewhere close to the hotel.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

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  1. Try the Blue Plate Diner for brunch. It is yummy and close. Check out their menu here ( for pricing. Actually, the following link might help you pick a dinner place too ( For inexpensive but delicious panini sandwiches for dinner you could also try the Free Press Bistro (, who apparently also do brunch. If you want to stay really really close to the hotel, just walk out the front door onto Rice Howard way and hit up It's all Greek to me or Le Table de Renoir - a little pricier, but far less than fine dining around there. If you are at Le Table, definitely try the creme brule. Happy eating!

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      I forgot to add Soul Soup on Rice Howard way - inexpensive and yummy, and if you want to chill out in your hotel room they do "tv dinners" that you can take away.

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        Thanks. Any Asian restaurants nearby?

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          There is a Japanese place (Sushi Ya) in the City Centre Mall (north of Rice Howard Way), and if you go into the mall food court there is a Thai Express and Good Buddy Express (Chinese). There's also Four Rooms and L'Azia restaurants in that mall.

          If you're willing to walk for say, 15 minutes, or take a quick cab ride, Chinatown is straight north on 97 st and has many Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants.

          For Italian you could walk a few blocks to 10305 100 Ave and go to Rigoletto's.

          If you go inside Commerce Place (Jasper Ave and 101 st) there are a few food places in there that serve breakfast - McDonald's, Sunterra (hot food and pastries/muffins/scones), Fat Franks, the Korean place who's name I can't remember and Louie's Subs. (Some taste better than others. ;) ) Tim Horton's is on the first floor too and you can get coffee and donuts there. Across the street from your hotel on that same corner, there's a Starbucks and a Quizno's (might be an option for a cheaper dinner).

          I would avoid the Wok Box - overpriced stir fry.

    2. Hi there - the Russian Tearoom on Jasper and 103 (10312 Jasper Ave) used to do a great $3.00 breakfast, served with their delicious homemade rye or sourdough bread. Super deal if they still offer it.

      Lots of Asian restaurants nearby with some deals to be had - can you be more specific? Are you looking for Japanese, Vietnamese, Indian or Chinese (and if Chinese then Szechuan, or Cantonese; HK Cafe style Dim Sum etc.)?

      I lived and worked in the downtown core for many years so am always happy to help :)

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        Homemade rye bread ticks my box, I saw it from the car on the way into town. As for what kind of Asian, an authentic Szechuan would be fantastic as would be a great, fresh dim sum place.

        1. re: sarahshenker

          I need to think for a bit about a good Sichuan place, I can help you with the Dim Sum tho.

          My absolute fave Dim Sum joint is Noodle Noodle in Chinatown. Dim Sum all day Sat/Sun and during the lunch hour Mon-Fri. Great selection and cart service. My faves are the juicy hargow, the deep fried shrimp wontons (big fat ones), the shu mai, the lo mai gai and most importantly, the cha siu bao. The steamed and baked variety are the BEST I've ever had, even after a year of living in Vancouver I have yet to find a rival for Noodle Noodle's (and believe me I've looked)!

          I'm going back next weekend to visit and it's on my list :)

          10008 106 Avenue NW
          Edmonton, AB T5H 0N7
          (780) 422-6862

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            As a born and bred Edmontonian, and as much as I like living here, I have to seriously question that any food at Noodle Noodle is better than what can be found in the Vancouver/Richmond area. Seriously, I ate better in Vancouver than when I was in Hong Kong.

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              I lived in Edmonton for 16 years and hated living there. When it comes to the BAKED char siu bao, Noodle Noodle wins hands down. I've tried over 15 places in the last year and a half that I have been in Vancouver and have yet to try one better (Richmond included).

      2. 9th Street Bistro is nice for breakfast. 109 Street and 100th Avenue (one block south of Jasper). I wish we had that place in Calgary, actually.

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          I'm glad to see that someone mentioned 9th Street Bistro. We've eaten there many times for brunch (although haven't been there for about 6 months) and I usually have the champagne special that comes with fresh fruit and a choice of hot entrees. It is a sweet little spot with very good food and an excellent cup of coffee. You could probably walk there in about 30 minutes.

        2. I have to second Blue Plate for brunch - It's delicious and not too expensive.