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Nov 14, 2008 06:33 AM

Scottsdale's Uncorked, Tapino, Armitage- which one to try?

Do any of these winebars offer well-prepared plates? Would like to give one a try only if better than average food quality!

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  1. I've onlt eaten at Tapino, but the food was very good. I get the impression from reviews and other posts here that Uncorked's menu is more like Postino: small plates designed to compliment the wine. Tapino is more like a restaurant, with a great wine list designed to compliment the food.

    1. In terms of food quality, I would strongly recommend Tapino. And their wine list is very eclectic and they have some very interesting wine flights. Tapino's food is leaps and bounds above the rest, and Chef James Porter is hands-on and will make sure your night is great.

      1. Tapino is a different type of restaurant than Armitage (I've never eaten at Uncorked). Tapino is spanish/med influenced. Very good and a nice wine list. I recommend it. However, if you are looking for a more relaxed, cheaper wine bar, then Armitage is excellent. The food is really good and the wine list is solid with lots of good deals, etc. Again, Tapino is more of the dining experience and Armitage more a laid back wine bar with good food scene. Both places have nice bars and excellent outside seating (cannot beat this weather!).

        1. It would be a real kindness if someone would come along and put Uncorked, “the unpretentious wine bar” out of its misery. I think despondent would be a better word for it these days rather than unpretentious. It opened in the heyday of rising real estate values and hasn’t changed a bit since. The prices are still high and the furnishings - untouched - are hitting a new low. But what has really bottomed out is the kitchen.

          Four of us arrived for lunch at 12:30. The place was empty, and stayed so except for one other party of two. When we sat down, Ralph started to disappear under the table. The banquette had become unsprung. The laminate tabletop was peeling off in chunks. There was a sign on our table advertising summer specials. I’m wondering now why we stayed.

          Ken and Ralph ordered the soup of the day ($ 5), which our waitress said was chicken and corn chowder. I asked for a pulled pork sandwich ($10) and mac & cheese($9), which I was going to share with Ken. Ralph also wanted the pulled pork, and Sandy ordered a chicken salad sandwich ($9). The sandwiches are served with a side of 5 grapes?!?!. A bag of chips cost an extra dollar. A side salad is an additional $2.50.
          Sandy asked for a salad with a sesame dressing. The dressing that was served was an unidentifiable oil mixed with a touch of sesame oil - no vinegar or seasoning. It was awful. When she asked to exchange it for honey vinaigrette, she was served something orange flavored instead. The chowder contained no milk or cream. The bread on
          Sandy’s sandwich was inedibly stale. But the biggest gaffe of all was the pulled pork. Both sandwiches arrived at the table stone cold. Like just out of the refrigerator cold. The person in the kitchen, I wouldn’t call him chef, couldn’t even bring himself to put them in the microwave (which is a sin anyway). Ken, who is a bit of a conspiracy theorist, thinks that the kitchen staff is trying to sabotage the operation. Could be, except for letting a good mac & cheese slip out of the kitchen undetected, they’re certainly succeeding.

          16427 N Scottsdale Rd Ste 130, Scottsdale, AZ 85254

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            1. re: cabbageking

              I'm sorry to hear this. My family had a wonderful night there a couple of years ago.

              Was it because of any reason other than the usual declining business?

              1. re: laredo

                Big Space. Big Lease. Big recession. Small wonder.

                1. re: laredo

                  Tapino's chef James Porter has also opened a new, smaller place - A French bistro called "La Petite Maison". Haven't been yet, but friends who have gone love it.


                  1. re: Rubee

                    We finally made it a couple weeks ago. We enjoyed our meal a great deal and look forward to returning! I love how small it is!

                    1. re: Rubee

                      Had lunch there today. It was quite impressive, but also quite different from Tapino. Instead of small plates and a winebar feel, it's classic French cooking in a cozy atmosphere. Very nice in its own distinct way.

                      1. re: silverbear

                        Pity the website doesn't have the menu online yet. Would like to check it out.

                        1. re: Mattoclock

                          email info (at) for the menu. when i requested it i got one back in about 20 mins.

                          1. re: azhotdish

                            Maybe I should email them to get the menu online for a free appetizer, I'm a web developer :-)

                          2. re: Mattoclock

                            Here's a scanned PDF of the dinner menu. You'll need to squint to read it, though.


                            1. re: silverbear

                              Thanks. I'm totally torn between trying this place and FnB this Friday. Looks like it may come down to a coin toss.

                              1. re: Mattoclock

                                If you like dining outside, the patio is awesome at Petite Maison, complete with fireplace. Don't miss the escargot.

                                  1. re: hohokam

                                    We went to Petite Maison in the end tonight. I decided to sit inside as although the patio and fireplace is damn pretty it was pretty cold tonight.

                                    Lovely experience. Great food. Love that its some weird kinda building that just got given love and transported into something totally different.

                                    Great place :)

                                    1. re: Mattoclock

                                      was that you with wife and daughter sitting inside? i was there too. :)

                                      1. re: azhotdish

                                        No we were on the back wall just the two of us.

                                        Older couples either side, was perfect as they seated earlier than us so we got some good ideas looking at their food arriving.