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Sad day here in north Austin

Most of you have probably read in this AM's Austin paper that the owner and operator of Top Notch died suddenly in his sleep. According to the article there is doubt that the place will ever reopen. A really sad day. The place was my standby for burgers in this area. I lived about a mile from it. My condolences to the family.

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  1. Oh no! This is a sad day, indeed.

    1. I'm truly heartbroken. I've been out of town the past few weeks and have had Top Notch on my mind as a first-stop when I get back, and now I see this terribly tragic news. It's like that friend or family member you were planning on calling or visiting and never got around to in time.

      My condolences to the Stanish family -- they warmed the hearts of many, mine included. May he rest in peace with a bounty of onion rings on a bed of burgers.


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          My consolences to the family as well. What a shock it must be for them.

          I always had this place on my list, but never made it.

          What was the "special sauce" like?

        2. WOW! that is terrible. I just ate there 3 days ago. it was great as always. They will be very missed.

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            So sad. I just read this online and came right over here to see if someone posted.

          2. My kids were really upset to hear about Top Notch. I live in that neighborhood as well and they walk there with friends on the weekends. The Standish family is nothing short of classic, hard working, old-school Austin. We will miss them dearly.

            1. Saw on the news last night that Top Notch is to reopen for business this next Monday, November 24th.

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                  That's good news. Not only am I glad I'll still be able to eat there, but I'm happier for all the people who work there. It's fast food, but they have the same people always there. I was afraid they'd all lose their jobs.

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                    Good news. I'll go on Monday and show my support, and be super-patient just in case it's a rocky start.

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                      Good news indeed! My kids will be so happy. I'll definitely go by to show support and appreciation of a Little Leaguer with Cheese!

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                        I am so glad that they are re-opening. I was also concerned for all the people in there who would lose their jobs if they stayed closed.

                        I'll be sure to show my support by stopping by after they re-open.

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                          Any reports from Top Notch today? Wondering what the vibe is, how the crowds are, if everything is humming (as much as can be expected).

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                            I saw a news segment that said people were lined up at 11 a.m., when they opened. One of the Standish sisters was interviewed and she said her family really appreciated all the support from customers.

                            The kids and I plan to swing by tomorrow.

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                              Went by at 11:30 (shouldda known better) and couldn't get near the place.