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Nov 14, 2008 05:42 AM

Big Mamma's Boy - anyone been?

So, how is this Big Mamma's boy ?

From what I have gathered, it's a unique atmosphere (eclectic feel) with amazing (yet slightly expensive) pizza, friendly people, but slow service? Have I got it pinned?

- I know they have the Gluten free dough..etc but that's not really a priority for us.. I just want some yummy food, and a cool atmosphere for my family (from out of town) to enjoy..
-Food delish? Menu seems small.. hmm.. anyone?

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    1. That's pretty close. Inept, slow service. Manager makes that no better. Glacial delivery service best measured by time lapse photography. MAN those pizzas are good though or I wouldn't put up with any of it. Their creator, Luciano, no longer owns or is affiliated with the place which is too bad. He designed harmonious, flavourful creations as opposed to what other pizza places do. Throw a bunch of toppings that have cute, gourmet names but have no business being together on top of a flour disc and pull bland mediocrity out of the oven. I find BMB's other offerings an unbalanced attempt at pulling cool ingredients together. Did I mention... MAN those pizzas are good!

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        Been twice. Both times the food (including the pizza) was horrible and the service was even worse. The second time was a big group - when they brought the cheque they told us that the credit card machine wasn't working, so it was cash only.

      2. I ended up going on Saturday and we all really enjoyed ourselves!
        I replied to another posting.. but I'll paste it here too. (see below)
        thanx for all the tips/suggestions etc..

        We finally decided on Big Mamma's Boy..
        My sister was into the idea of an old Victorian House.. so we went with it.

        and we LOVED it.
        The whole experience turned out great!
        It was 6:30ish on Saturday.. I had made reservations.. and was happy that they put us right near the fire place for my grandma.. The room on the main floor had a great vibe to it... dark red walls.. candlelight..etc.. it was cute.
        We were greeted right away by the owner herself.. who told us about the specials..
        She was super nice.. as was the co-owner who i chatted with as well..
        They had just gotten back from doing a demonstration at the Royal Winter Fair.. (how perfect -since my family was there all day) of their pork ribs (marinated 5 days..delicious smokey flavour) -the menu is now changed and only has the beef ribs.. but the pork were the special of the night..
        We had wine and I appreciated that the owner came over to top up our glasses throughout the evening..
        We had springrolls to start..and they were DELICIOUS. packed full of goodness..
        We also tried the pizza special (mushroom based cream sauce, blue cheese etc) which was my favourite item, the Canadian pizza that my dad LOVED.. very hearty and bacon'y and delish, the Rosedale pizza.. which was still good, but a little bland.. i would try something more creative since they have so many options.. They are very generous with the toppings on these pizzas and they come on a nice tall display tray. We got mediums and they were a nice decent size! Probably good for 2 people.
        We also tried the pork ribs special.. it came with baked beans that really impressed my dad..and decent coleslaw (we would have liked if they had a potato option too though) but dad said if you are in the mood for ribs these were great. The sauce was smokey and delicious. I'm not big on ribs.. so it was pretty neutral for me.
        My mom got the cabbage rolls...which she usually isnt THAT into.. but she LOVED them.. it was also my sisters favourite item of the night. They were meaty and saucy, with a unique flavour. Very enjoyable. We also tried the Mac & Cheese. It didn't blow my mind or anything.. but it was still yummy and we ate the whole thing. The noodles were maybe a little too soft.. but it was creamy and good.
        It was fun to share all of the different pizza's.. our table was packed with food..and there were no complaints. We didnt wait long.. we loved the friendly, inviting staff, the food was hot and fresh and delicious, we loved all the vintage plates they had (the owner picks up fun plates when she sees them at garage sales) and we had lots of pizza to take home with us. The service was very personal ..which i liked, and the food came out all at the same time and i nice timely manner. The place had an ecclectic and homey feel and was also very gay friendly... I sadly didnt get a chance to check out the upstairs.. but once it got later in the evening lots of people seemed to be heading up there.
        Excellent experience!

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        1. re: andrea0guernz

          I was with a friend who was gluten free so we went to Big Mamma's Boy. Despite some of the warnings on Chow, I tried to go in with an open mind.

          It took one hour to get our meal, and there was only two other tables eating so they can't blame it on being busy. The food was okay, but I won't be back.

          1. re: beemster

            I visited Big Mamma's Boy recently with 2 friends. I'm Celiac so I ordered the gluten free pizza. My friend ordered one too so that we could share and her bf figured he would do the same thing so that we'd have more GF options to try out. When my friend's bf asked for a GF pizza, the woman serving us suggested that he only do so if he has a gluten intolerance, otherwise he should get a normal pizza. Apparently they didn't have many GF pizzas on hand. This shocked us considering they so heavily advertise their GF menu online, and in the restaurant.

            By the time we all got our food, it was 1.5 hrs later. I wasn't too pleased with my veg GF pizza. In my opinion, it was horrible. My friend's GF pizza was only half baked. When we notified our server, she didn't even apologize and simply offered to throw it back into the oven. Of course, this didn't solve the problem. It only baked the crust a bit more.

            The regular pizza was apparently okay. Overall, service was slow. Utensils were not present at the table when we arrived, the server was hardly around, and the food was horrible.

            Definitely not going back.

            1. re: gp282

              i felt the exact same way - food was alright but the slowest service EVER...
              along with that i thought the waitress was rude and even tried to stall me an extra 15 minutes to try to nick all the extra money from my change as her tip -
              never ever again either

        2. Here is a copy of a post I made about this restuurant last year in the fall:

          I went there a few weeks ago with friends for the first time. Being GF I was very excited about the menu!
          I had a pizza, as did another friend and the 2 guys had meals (chicken and ribs)
          The only problem we had was that my friend's pizza came out with meat on it (it was supposed to be cheese)
          They first tried to tell us the odd looking bits were browned cheese bits - a taste test confirmed it was meat and they gladly took the pizza back and apologized.
          My only issue (and my friend was very nice about this) was that they served all of our meals and her pizza did not arrive until we all had finished. (This was a Tuesday night) They did not comp her pizza despite it being their mistake and our friend having to wait for 25 min. and watch us all eat.
          We had a lovely evening, enjoyed the atmosphere and the food was excellent but I was very put off by this. I feel a restaurant should stand by their service and if they make a mistake not make the customer pay for it.
          ...If it hadn't been for that it would have been perfect evening!

          bacchus_is_watching Nov 13, 2008 03:12PM

          1. I went for the first time a couple weeks ago. Service I found to be good and attentive, but yes, very slow. Didn't take too long to get our drinks. And reasonable wait for our appetizers. But our main course never came. The waitress then came over and said "You already ate your main course, right?"... uhh, no! She apologized that the kitchen screwed up and gave us free drinks. After that, it came out 15 mins later. She felt bad and gave us a free desert as well.

            The food was alright. I had the lobster soup special, my wife had a salad. She also had the veggie burger and I had a regular burger. The veggie burger seemed very small, which was surprising, given that Toronto Life said it was massive.

            Would I go back? Well... I really liked the atmosphere. The food was fairly good. I won't let the service turn me off. Maybe. I definitely won't rush back, but would go if it was convenient.