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Nov 14, 2008 05:39 AM

Help planning a special weekend

Will be travelling to NYC from Philly next weekend to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary and would love some help filling in the blanks. We'll be staying on the UWS. We have a dinner reservation on Friday night at Gramercy Tavern which we're really excited about since we've heard really great things. On Saturday we are probably going to head down toward Chinatown/Little Italy and just walk around and eat! Looking for something nearer to our hotel for Saturday night. These are some recs we've gotten... Ocean Grill, 'Cesca, Dovetail, and Bar Boulud. Any of these stand out for really good food, good atmosphere (romantic wouldn't hurt), and good wine list? Any places that have jazz and great food that I should know about (doesn't necessarily have to be near UWS if it's worth a trip)? I also have read here that Sfoglia and Spigolo are both very good if you can get a reservation. Either of those for Saturday night? Any thoughts on Erminia? Thanks to all for any help!!

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  1. Romance and great food on the UWS? Try Picholine or the more casual Telepan.

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      Not sure how I missed Telepan in my many searches. It's looks very good. Thanks for your advice.

    2. Bar Boulud is especially known for the superb charcuterie, but the rest of the food is not exactly too shabby. Not romantic, but there is a nice upbeat vibe.

      For jazz + bbq (from Blue Smoke upstairs), there's Jazz Standard, on 27th St., b/t Park Av. S. & Lex.

      1. I'd say Dovetail, Telepan, Eighty-One, Ouest. None have an intimate, romantic atmosphere, but all have good food, with pretty good winelists, and I've enjoyed all of them. Eighty one usually has some interesting by the glass selections, and dovetail has a solid wine list.
        Only place I know around the UWS with some jazz is either Ocean Grill for brunch, or Cleopatra's Needle, but I've not been to Cleopatra's for food before.

        1. Spigolo and Sfoglia are both wonderful but, as you say, it can be tough to get a reservation. I've never been to Erminia, but a hound recently went there for an anniversary and, as I recall, was very pleased. For your Saturday outing, though I love the idea of roaming around that area, here are two things that might help you plan a bit, or remind you to stop in if you walk by. It might be particularly fun to go to Despana on Broome in Soho for some wonderful tapas as part of your excursion:

          I've been to Bar Boulud, Ouest and Telepan once each. I've enjoyed the food at all of them, but do think that Bar Boulud isn't at all romantic, and as a two top you aren't going to get a booth, which I think would be the most pleasant place to eat - we ate at the bar. Telepan is on the quieter, more sedate side, while Ouest has a bit of a buzz, without being too noisy.

          Hope you have a great weekend - let us know if you need any other help.

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            Thank you all so much for the suggestions. I've looked at your links, MMRuth and they are so helpful. Thanks for taking the time! I'm still searching for a spot for Saturday, but certainly have been able to narrow the choices down based on the input here. Thought Apizz looked good, but told it's a very yound crowd (we're late 30s). Also, looking at Piano Due? Any thoughts on either of these? We aren't locked into the UWS, so any other somewhat nearby suggestions for romantic, special occasion? Thanks again! We are beyond excited for our weekend visit!!

          2. Wanted to thank all of you for your very helpful suggestions. We had a fabulous time!! Could have stayed for much longer and not even touched on all the wonderful food NY has to offer. On Friday night we went to Gramercy Tavern and it was by far one of the most wonderful dining experiences I've ever had. From start to finish it was perfection. Their attention to detail is unbelievable and they really made our anniversary special. We both had the tasting menu and asked our server to pair wines with each course. Amazing! On Saturday evening we were fortunate enough to grab a res at Spigolo. Totally different than GT, but absolutely wonderful. The service, food, atmosphere... all exceptional! They, too, made our anniversary memorable. We can't wait to visit again!! Thank you.