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Nov 14, 2008 04:50 AM

Homemade Food Gift Ideas - preserves, snacks, cakes, spreads, sauces ... ?

I've been trying to think of quality recipes I can make for some gifts this year. The biggest problem I find is that things go bad pretty quickly, a week or two it seems at most for most sauces, salsas and whatnot. Can't say I'm much of a baker, I make pies sometimes.

Any ideas?

My best idea so far is to make some confit duck legs, and put them submerged in duck fat in mason jars. They'll keep for months. Refrigeration optional, but advised!

I guess the french are probably the best at this stuff.. Any more french things I could make?

If you got something like this as a gift, what would you want?

Recipe links welcomed!

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