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Nov 14, 2008 04:41 AM

St. Louis: Thanksgiving restaurant meal 2008

My research has turned up Thanksgiving meals being served at these restaurants:

Bevo Mill
Pujols 5
Lemp Mansion

Looking for other possibilities. Thanks.

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  1. Pietro's is open Thanksgiving.

    1. Cardwell's in Clayton.

      1. There was an eye-opening thread in the Eat at Joe's forum on the website that discussed some issues regarding eating out on Thanksgiving. Some questions to consider: Is this the one time each year that said restaurant will be roasting turkeys? If they aren't used to the time requirements of preparing and cooking the birds, will they be taking shortcuts? Will the top staff be in the kitchen and on the floor, or only the low-seniority folk who can't get the holiday off? What about the clientele that is meeting for dinner at a restaurant rather than at a family household? Are there going to be tons of split individual checks, with each party calculating who pays for 1/3 of grandpa's drink and who ordered the separate dessert? Is there going to be family drama on top of all of the other complications of a high-expectations, high-stress feast, where it is thought that a turkey dinner shouldn't cost much more than a Swanson tv dinner?

        Perhaps one of the best Thanksgiving dinners I've ever eaten was when my housemate was planning to serve fish and found the market closed and locked that morning. We took our party to a Chinese restaurant that was all the rage, but was understandably almost empty for Thanksgiving. Great food, and they were joyful to have the business. We ended up being loyal customers for years!

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          My favorite Thanksgiving was last year in Mazatlan, Mexico. We sat outside eating fresh seafood and drinking Margaritas. Yum!

        2. STL Today has a running list of all restaurants offering Thanksgiving meals