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Nov 14, 2008 04:30 AM

A replacement for Apache Burgers...

An old favourite, more sentimental now than anything...went round the other day and its not the same. Crumbly bun, still flavourful patty, but the attitude there SUCKS AND the dude fixing the burger was using his hands. Not gloved, either. And then went round cleaning the tables. I didn't dress my burger and I don't know if he washed up after cleaning the tables.

How about Red Cabin?

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  1. I'm afraid it's too close in location to California Sandwiches for me to ever want a burger around there hehe.

    Oh and the bakery in cloverdale mall is good. Park at the LCBO and walk straight in, you'll find it by smell.

    Sorry I don't know more about your question, deal with it! :)

    1. red Cabin is pretty much the same as apache

      1. I like The Burger Shack on Eglinton

        open really late, and their home-made burger cooked medium is very nice... they encourage medium BTW

        1. Not terribly from the Apache is C & Dubbs----home of the biggest, juiciest burgers in the GTA, maybe all of Ontario. It's a nice clean place with a couple of big screen TVs. It's an ideal place to eat some good food and watch some of the game. It's open super late too on the weekends, like 4AM or something. For me, it's sets the standard for burger joints.

          C & Dubbs in located on Dundas Street, between the 427 and Dixie, south side of the street.

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          1. re: Brain of J

            I have been here once or twice in the past but seem to remember the burgers being frozen -- what do you reccomend here and I will go give it another shot

            1. re: duckdown

              Don't bother with their standard burger, which I do believe is a frozen prefab job, but order their home burger or their sumo burger (two home burgers equaling 1 lb, or do the super sumo equalling 3 half pound home burgers). These patties are more of the real deal (they don't appear frozen when put on the grill). Excellent fries too. Their fish and chips look darn good too.

          2. I think Magoos on Dundas and Royal York is better

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            1. re: plavka

              Yes, I second magoos if you are in Etobicoke. Way better then apache, plus the fries are delicious. I've also had a decent burger at Magic Spot (royal york and bloor), but find it less consistent.
              I has a really great burger at Craft Burger on King street tonight, just West of Spadina, if you are willing to travel further.

              1. re: pancake

                That's great thanks for the recommendations. I was just a little p-ed off given the weak attitude and shocked at the guy using his hands. It would one thing if all he did was dress burgers and didn't touch anything...but he was.

                And that's filthy. So I'm done.

                Thanks again all - I'm going to try this C & Dubbs for the burger fix.

                1. re: pancake

                  Magoo's is way better than apache.

                  1. re: bobbieMac

                    I have been going to Apache since I was a kid, and although everyone tells me the quality has gone down, I guess I'm easy to please because it still tastes good to me. I've also got my SO who is not from Toronto hooked. He craves Apache. And I love the onion rings there.

                    I used to also frequent Magoo's when I was younger and remember liking it...although not as much as Apache. However I went a couple weeks ago with the SO and we were extremely excited as many say it is better then Apache but we were both really dissapointed. The flavour was not there in the burger, and mine was kinda dry and just ...meh. My onion rings were pretty average, and I was so dissapointed they changed the spicy fries from years back...they used to be curly. Now they are normal fries with spicy seasoning. I'm all about the curly.

                    I did enjoy the toppings however (bruschetta? yum!), and feel I need to try ONE more time.

                    Red Cabin is next on the list.