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Nov 14, 2008 03:49 AM

Fresh Oysters for Purchase In Baltimore

Hey Hounds,

I was interested if anyone knew of a good source for a variety of oysters. I'd like to purchase them to bring home and shuck myself. My mother in-law is in town and typically likes Kumomoto's as she likes them on the petite side.

Also, in your opinion what is the best local oyster for frying?


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  1. Just wanted to update. Whole Foods in Harbor East is sourcing twelve different varieties of Oysters for the Holidays. They had three varieties in on Friday. My favorite were the Wellfleet's.

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    1. re: mcattrone

      If variety is what you are after Ryleigh's happy hour from 3 til 7 may be the solution. The last time I went there were 12 different oysters being served. 3 or so northwest. 3 or four northeast and Canada, and several local oysters. They are $1 each. Just tell them not to shuck them.

      1. re: baltimorejim

        I never knew that Ryleigh's would sell them "to go". Typically Happy Hour specials are for dine-in only so they can make up their money in the bar. Have you bought them to go before?

        1. re: mcattrone

          No. Good point. Probably unlikely that they would. How about Conrad's on Joppa Road near Loch Raven?

          1. re: baltimorejim

            I was in Conrad's Saturday, they had Chesapeakes, Chincoteagues and Blue Points. Thats pretty typical of their oyster selection, occasionally they might have something else.

    2. Wegman's occasionally offers Kumamotos. Chesapeake Bay oysters are very good fried and, AFAIK are our only local oysters.They are wild Virginacus (sp?). Wellfleets are farmed Virginacus.