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Best Donuts in New England

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I have been craving donuts for some odd reason. No, I am not pregnant. I would love to hear your take on the best of the best near Cape Cod or Worcester please?

Is Butlers still good in Westport? Never been but have been wanting to go...

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  1. The best donuts are in western Massachusetts !! Donut Dip in West Springfield (right off 91 and the mass pike) for Sour Cream & Pumpkin and Adams Donuts in Greenfield for Maple Cream & Apple Pie.

    Why did you have to post this in the morning, now I;ve got to hit the road for donuts !

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      Oh Donut Dip! ..Makes me miss New England. The best donut I can get around here is a stale one from 7-11.

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        I had half a sour cream and half a pumpkin for breakfast this morning. A coworker stopped on his way to work this morning.
        Donut Dip is my favorite too

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          I'm going to have to add my vote for the Donut Dip, as well. Love it.

          I've never been to Adam's Donuts in Greenfield but will definitely give it a try...

        2. I haven't been in about a year but Donut Star in North Grafton MA has very good donuts. Donut Dip is great. We stop whenever we are driving out of Mass on the Pike. Sometimes I even think about making up a reason to go to Springfield just so I can go to Donut Dip. I haven't been to Butlers yet. Many people like Allie's donuts in North Kingstown RI also get good reviews.

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            Here is a link to a recent post on the Boston board with more donut discussion.

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              Allie's in North Kingstown is killer. Their doughnut cakes are the most amazing things ever, and they can be so creative with them too!

          2. My favorites are at Donut Cafe in Worcester. Two locations: Shrewsbury St and Chandler St. Their fruit fillings are to die for and they use nutmeg in the glazed donut and coffee rolls.

            I do NOT care for Donut Star in N. Grafton. Their glazes are overly sugary and sweet, although my understanding is that their cake donuts are very good.

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              I'm not a fan of glazed donuts for that very reason - always too sweet.

            2. Moulton's General Store on the Village Green in Amherst, NH has the best cinnamon donuts in the universe!

              1. I highly recommend Jardek's

                240 C Nashua Road
                Rt 4
                North Billerica, MA 01862
                (978) 667-6389

                Saturdays he makes apple cider donuts.


                1. Without a doubt, Butler's Colonial Donuts in Westport, about half-way between Worcester and the Cape. The specialty, are fresh whipped cream filled-to-order raised donuts and what they call a Long John, a cruller shaped raised shell, filled with fresh whipped cream and raspberry preserves. Out of this world and well worth a special trip. It's about 10 minutes off Rte 195 in Westport. Here's a write up someone posted on the web:

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                    With a heavy heart I report that the original Butler's is Westport is permanently closed. Their newer Somerset location is still open, and makes great donuts, but it has none of the charm of the Westport location. But by all means, go to the somerset locations and get some cream-filled donuts. i personally prefer than without the raspberry, but you cant lose either way. Also, they make the most amazing apple fritter i've ever encountered.

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                      Oddly enough when I went in October I tried to get the fritters, and for the 3rd consecutive visit was told they didnt have any. So I asked "do you make them anymore"? since they'd never been out on past visits... The answer: "No." Curious if you've found them there recently? Given the lack of 'couterside manner' on the part of the woman behind the counter, I woudlnt be surprised if she was BSing me or not even listening. Am Somerset native/NYC transplant and always stop in on trips up there. Any creme donut and the fritters are always on my 'must' list

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                        With a very, very heavy heart I report that I'm fairly sure Butlers is no more, in either location. I was passing through Somerset a few weeks ago, stopped, and the place with closed. It looked like they were doing some kind of renovation, and there was a sign that said "Coming soon ... Country Kitchen," or something like that. I really hope that I'm wrong, somehow, but it didn't look good. If it's true, it's a huge loss.

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                          Horrible news! I'm glad we at least made in there at least once, but so sad they're gone.

                    2. White Mountain Cider Company in Glen, NH. Appple cider donuts in the fall with glorious foliage. Now that is a New England experience.

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                        Keeping it in NH, we love the cider donuts on weekends in the fall at Meadow Ledge Farm in Loudon NH. It's a pick your own apple orchard where they take you back into the orchards on a hay wagon ride. They have a great store filled with related goodies - special cheeses, candies, cider, baked goods etc. You have to get in line for the donuts made fresh right in front of you and put into a foil-lined bag. The two of us get a half-dozen to scarf down immediately, and a half dozen to take home - if you put them in the toaster oven they become just like fresh out of the fryer again. Special hint- do not close up the foil lined bag until the donuts are completely cooled - too much condensation builds up inside the bag.

                        They are so worth however long the wait in line, and a special treat every fall that we wait for all year. Get a pint of fresh apple cider and a little sample size piece of cheddar cheese to have with the hot donuts - best ever New England fall snack!
                        It's not too far off the beaten track to find either.
                        Meadow Ledge Farm
                        612 Route 129
                        Loudon, NH 03307
                        Phone: (603) 798-5860
                        Description: 30 varieties of apples, cider.

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                          mmmmm, cider donuts. I recently stumbled onto an old recipe and made some a few weeks back. Really simple, pretty damn good, but not as good as at the farm!

                      2. Try Route 4 Donuts, coffee and Breakfast, right on North Billerica 240 C Nashua Road.
                        They make incredible donuts, it is amazing, freshly made twice a day, you will fall in love with their variety.

                        1. Ma's Donuts in New Bedford. Family operation that makes the best donuts you'll ever have.

                          1. Best Western Mass donut is Mrs. Murphy's Donuts in Southwick Mass, Try the Jell Cruller and you will be hooked. Second would be Donut Dip in West Springfield.

                            1. In the Berkshires, I nominate The Donut Man. They have have large, dense donuts that don't go stale after a day.