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Nov 14, 2008 12:44 AM

Best Cheap/Ethnic Meal in Pasadena

I work in Pasa and HATE the food here. Have to go to eagle rock or highland park or SG for anything spicy, ethnic and cheap. Any ideas?

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  1. Tonny's? Maybe even El Toreo Cafe

    1. Lived in Pasa for a year and couldn't wait to leave... SG, Alhambra , Monterey Park rock... Pasadena is very very sad... makes me wonder what they are teaching at the culinary school

      1. King Taco? That's all I got.

        Hopefully Mama's Hot Tamale Cafe opens up soon.

        King Taco
        45 N Arroyo Pkwy, Pasadena, CA 91103

        1. cheap & ethnic in Pasadena: Mexican options abound. At night, there are a couple of worthwhile taco trucks on Fair Oaks between Del Mar & California. In addition, there's a store at the corner of I think it's Summit & Raymond, or thereabouts, that has good tacos, too. Viva Tacos La Estrella, at the corner of Foothill & Altadena, pretty much brings the truck experience inside (there are other La Estrella locations around, and they have or at least had some sort of relationship to one another). North-central and northwestern Pasadena is home to literally dozens of small Mexican cafes; some of them must be doing something right. Tonny's (mentioned above) is but one example.

          Over in Northeast Pasadena, there are many Middle-Eastern places. While not necessarily spicy, they are ethnic and can be cheap.

          1. That's pretty depressing. I appreciate the mexican suggestions. But Pasa seems to be a desert of options.

            Best place I've found in Old Town is Green Street Tavern...

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              Aww, buck up soldier. La Caravana on Lake near Washington is among the better Salvadoran restaurants in the L.A. area. Lebanese Kitchen and Shish Kebab Express have very good kebabs and such. Roscoe's has its detractors, but has undeniably decent chicken and waffles. There are many decent hamburgers, Pie n' Burger, Wolfe Burger and Tops among them. Azeen's could be a little cheaper, but the Afghan food is very tasty; ditto Tibet-Nepal House for Nepalese cooking. Opinions on pizzas vary, but Domenico's on Washington is good in an old-fashioned style, especially the tomatoless Calabrese. The L&L on Arroyo Parkway has very acceptable Hawaiian grindz. If you order correctly, i.e. only Sichuan dishes, Fu-Shing can be quite good. Top's Indonesian is really bare bones, but decent for a quick nasi goreng fix. Haidar Baba has great halal Iranian food. There are, as stated, a ton of Mexican places, Tonny's certainly not the least of them. Marston's is a little genteel, but has excellent American breakfasts. Hurry Curry is fine for a quick Japanese curry-rice fix. Porta Via on California at Fair Oaks has probably the best panini in L.A.

              Green Street Tavern, on the other hand, is pretty generic...

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                Great post, condiment. Thx for the info

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                  Thnx. Re: Green Street, Love their hamburgers. And their atmosphere. And their fries. But I'm really pimping them cuz i work in old town and all the food here is pretty bad.

                  Hurry Curry is pretty bad, IMHO. And Porto Via has skimpy portions, generic pasta salads, and few opitons....

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                    There is no such thing as good pasta salad. And I've never gotten either the takeout or the hot dishes at Porto Via. But the panini are formidable.