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Nov 13, 2008 08:35 PM

Rincon Del Parque Ensenada

There was a pretty strong discussion regarding Laja [Cuisine d'Autuers vs. baja/ mexican regional cuisine] earlier this year

Well, que casualidad - those of you wishing to try Jair's take on the cuisine of his home state Sonora, collective 'norteno' cuisine, and whats available in Ensenada will now have your chance.

RIncon Del Parque will be opening Nov. 20 - Thanks to Jay for the news!:

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  1. Wow this sounds great I cant wait to check that out and the new Manzanilla digs. Im due for an Ensenada trip soon.

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    1. Just a note that the Jair and the Laja crew stopped operating Parque last week. I think a restaurant may continue with different owners at the Parque location, but I'm not sure.

      Laja is still going and still awesome, I went there a couple weeks ago.

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      1. re: jayporter

        Do you have any more information Jay? Is it closed until new owners materialize?

        1. re: kare_raisu

          Sorry, I don't know. I'm sure someone will report back after a trip one of these days. Maybe me.

          1. re: kare_raisu

            Road Trip!

            Let me know, I will hitch a ride from CH'rs near Cantamar.

        2. Is this potential restaurant at the location of the former Restaurante 623 on the old square that Hugo d'Acosta opened and then later closed "temporarily" for "remodeling" and never reopened? I'd like to hear more of what you and jayporter have to say re: more news about if/when the restaurant will actually open.

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          1. re: dlglidden

            Rincon Del Parque is (or I guess was would be correct to say now) at the site of Restaurante 623.

            1. re: Ringo Gato

              Yes its tue Jair is no longer operating Rincon de Parque , it is a very sad thing but we have been hit very hard ........ First with the violence then the economic crisis and recently the swine flu !!
              Things down here for restaurants are very tough .
              The restaurant is now run by Hugo´s wife Gloria in the kitchen is Ismene who ran the kitchen when Jair was in charge of the place , I ate there the first day they opened I have not been back but Iwill post soon with details of the new menu.
              I have another sad anouncement to make the glorious taco stand Asadero el 17 has changed hands also and the quality went down the drain !!! Avoid the place. Tacos el Paisa is a million times better.
              I do have a very good recomendation to make , on the street that you go into the Mercado Negro a new place has opened it is called La Cocedora de Langosta the owners are of Japanese origin and are involved in lobster and clam fishing I have been buying from them for years. These new venture is just what Ensenada needed it is a fish store with a great selection of local wines and a small restaurant they feature a different assortment of ceviches , for the opening they brought live lobster from Baja Sur because up here the season is closed, Favio who runs the kitchen worked with me both at Manzanilla and Silvestre ,he also worked at Laja he is a very good cook he made for me broiled lobster wth a guajillo,ancho, thahini topping that was completly delicious, I had not had a lobster so good in a long time . I´m not sure how long will they have the live lobster,but when the season opens remember to go try it. They have two tanks with live abalone, goeduck clams and the lobster. I also had a Clamato with abalone that was very nice.

              1. re: bigotes

                Thanks for the updates patron. Post the info soon, and tell us more about La Cocedora, porfa!

                1. re: bigotes

                  Thanks, Bigotes! Went to the restaurant this past week, and I have to say that the food was excellent; the staff were very friendly and the chef incredibly talented. They served some type of abalone burger it was delicious! and that was just a starter, the fish was also very good and the house wine is highly recommended.

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                    bigotes ... thanks for the tip on La Cocedora will definately try it next week. As a resident of the Valle de Guadalupe, I am always on the lookout for new places to try.


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                      so...where exactly is la cocedora de langosta? i do not know where "the street that you go into the mercado negro" is.

                      1. re: bigotes

                        where is cocedora de langosta. i do not know where the street is that you go into the mercado negro.